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REW jon

Mansion Fit For A Prince Gets Tinsel Town In A Tizzy

REW jon posted this 3 2,184 Views

In what almost reads like a plot from classic TV comedy the Beverly Hillbillies, there is something of a revolt brewing in Hollywood's famous uplands. The world's media, and numerous online gossip-mongers, have been all over the story of a proposed 42,000sq foot über-mansion and the subsequent outcry from its potential neighbors-to-be. It seems that the residents of the prestigious Beverly Hills community of Benedict Canyon are unhappy with the thought of a monster mansion in their backyard....

Are You Celebrating Twitter’s Birthday? (Using fewer than 140 characters, naturally…)

REW jon posted this 882 Views

So, Twitter is five years old. Many detractors and non-Twitter users still like to roll out the rhetoric that all anybody ever Tweets about is what they had for lunch, or which shoes they decided to put on this morning. But recent events have shown that Twitter, along with the somewhat more expansive Facebook, can be an incredibly valuable tool in the propagation of global news. From facilitating political uprise in Egypt, to spreading word about the horrific realities of the Japanese earthq...

This Blog Is Like, Totally Awesome

REW jon posted this 1 1,078 Views

Blogging is no longer the reserve of nerdy basement dwellers with an axe to grind, but is now a venerated and respected forum for the wise and worldly to impart their capacious knowledge. We're all reading blogs these days, and an ever growing number of us are active in our quest to impregnate the blogosphere with our own thoughts, experiences and boundless pearls of wisdom. But the quality of contributions varies enormously, from the pompous and pretentious to the downright unfathomable and...

In Blog We Trust

REW jon posted this 1,069 Views

(or Love Me, Love My Blog...) Here at REW we take our blogging seriously. In as much as we are patently aware of the importance of blogging in the business of real estate marketing. But how many of us, when not scouring the web and local media for fascinating housing related topics to write about, dedicate our time to expounding on subjects that have little or no connection to square feet and surplus bathrooms? By which, I mean; how popular is 'recreational' blogging among real estate...

Rotten Neighbors Add To Home Buyers' Woes

REW jon posted this 1 2,039 Views

Not too long ago, before the advent of online searches and such, anyone looking for a home simply had to put all their trust in a real estate professional's hands, and hope that the agent was honest and well-informed when it came to neighborhood recommendations and advice. Buying property in the 'wrong' neighborhood is a considerable fear for many prospective home owners. I well recall my first night in one particular house. As I was busily constructing some Ikea puzzles in the master bedroo...

Number's Up For Phone Books - The End Of A Great Marketing Tool?

REW jon posted this 1 1,761 Views

What's big and white, unwelcome in your home and destined for extinction? No, not the polar bear - but the good ol' White Pages. A recent survey by American market research organization Harris Interactive suggests that those old, weighty phone books are well and truly on their way out. According to the results of this survey, only 3 out of every 10 American adults ever consider reaching for the dated paper tome these days. It seems that more and more people search for the phone number of the...

Hold The Front Page! Murdoch's Daily Newspaper for iPad Delayed!

REW jon posted this 1 1,641 Views

So, media behemoth Rupert Murdoch's digital newspaper The Daily, scheduled for launch in January has been delayed. This much-discussed, new format news source for i-Pad (when finally available), will be a subscription only service and looks likely to signal the direction in which all online news providers will ultimately be heading. Murdoch's News Corp. has dedicated considerable effort and resource into the ambitious project, gathering a relatively young, progressive team of 100 staff, ...

Google Nixes Key Component

REW jon posted this 2 1,152 Views

Why do so many people have such strong opinions about the Caps Lock key? It is reviled by most modern computer users, and is seemingly used only by those most unwelcome contributors; spammers and trolls. Online publishers who issue edicts wholly in caps are generally considered to be rude. Capitalised email content is regarded as comparable to shouting, and blog titles in upper case  will usually have the effect of causing readers to ignore your posts in droves. But surely there are times wh...

Developers Hope Dragon Breathes New Life Into Local Economy

REW jon posted this 2 1,540 Views

In times of economic uncertainty, what's the best way to reinvigorate a community and restore national pride? Invest heavily in job creation? Pour money into affordable housing projects? Build a massive tower with a 77ft high dragon on the top? That's right, you build a 147ft glass tower, complete with an attendant bronze dragon with a 47ft wingspan, straddled King Kong-like, upon its apex. At least that's a plan that has been unveiled to draw crowds of admirers and create 200 jobs in the We...

In Real Estate, Size Really Does Matter

REW jon posted this 2 1,394 Views

We keep hearing that America's love affair with big, brash homes is coming to an end. Not only are the nation's citizens mindful of the need to use sustainable materials and conserve energy these days but, in this uncertain financial climate, we're all keen to save a few dollars too. So, it appears that it's out with the ground-hogging McMansions, and in with compact and bijou modern homes. There's something intrinsically charming and cozy about living in a smaller family home, and as l...