Google Nixes Key Component


Why do so many people have such strong opinions about the Caps Lock key? It is reviled by most modern computer users, and is seemingly used only by those most unwelcome contributors; spammers and trolls.

keyboard_small_300Online publishers who issue edicts wholly in caps are generally considered to be rude. Capitalised email content is regarded as comparable to shouting, and blog titles in upper case will usually have the effect of causing readers to ignore your posts in droves.

But surely there are times when Caps Lock is handy? Imagine you do actually require excessive capitals, perhaps when creating spreadsheets, or inputting property addresses, for example. Try doing it with one finger permanently on shift. Not too easy, I'm sure you'll agree.

And now there are products being launched onto the market with no Caps Lock key built in. This is being hailed as something of a positive development in many quarters. Presumably, by those who can't actually type too well, or consider keyboards the preserve of gamers and social networkers. Forget about those people who actually use a computer keyboard as part of their job, who may cherish such old-fashioned notions as the traditional qwerty layout and function keys.

But just what miraculous, ground-breaking replacement is filling the space between Tab and Shift, I hear you ask? Well, on the new Google Netbook, there is now a 'search' key. Amazing. In fairness, it can be changed in the settings to be a Caps Lock key, should you wish, so the whole thing appears to me to be a bit of a PR-friendly, non-event really.

Of course, if you really hate the Caps Lock key, it can usually be disabled with relatively little effort, whatever operating system you're using. But, with feelings over this contentious wee key often reaching fever pitch, one wonders where it will end.

So, are you a Caps Lock lover, or do you despise thOSE ACCIDENTAL typos that can occur in the wake of an inadvertent nudge of that demon key?

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Rew Lisa

Admittedly, I sometimes delight in using my caps lock, but only ironically. Generally I just skip over reading anything that I'm sent in allcaps because the assumption is that it's spam.


Although I hate the lack of netiquette when I see something typed in all caps (or the opposite when no caps are used at all), I never thought much about the cap lock key, although I hate when it gets locked accidentally and I'm typing in all caps, which requires redoing completely.

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