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Rew Julie

Bank of America on Wikileaks Alert

Rew Julie posted this 1,779 Views

I posted before about my Wikileaks speculations and it looks as if the likely target for Wikileaks’ exposé is a biggie – Bank of America (the people on the REW Forums posted replies to this late in December).  On November 29, in an interview with Forbes’ Andy Greenberg, Julian Assange announced that Wikileaks was going to publish the documents from ‘a major American bank’ early this year (2011; it’s here already!).  Earlier, on October 9, Dan Nystedt wrote in th...

Will Wikileaks Show Us More About Mortgagegate?

Rew Julie posted this 1 1,888 Views

Right now, the news is full of stories about Wikileaks, its founder Julian Assange and the leaked U.S. diplomatic cables that brought the power of the U.S. against the website and Assange. Wikileaks is still going strong, with Assange claiming that early 2011 will see the internal documents of a “major American bank” placed on the website. “[T]here will be some flagrant violations, unethical practices that will be revealed, but it will also be all the supporting decision-making str...

NACA Survey Reveals Lenders Are Still Pursuing Shoddy Foreclosure Practices

Rew Julie posted this 2 1,952 Views

The National Association of Consumer Advocates and the National Consumer Law Center ® published the results of a November survey on December 15 revealing that lenders are still foreclosing on homeowners involved in the mortgage loan modification process.  Lenders are still levying unwarranted fees and making mistakes in payment processing, which they later use to initiate foreclosure on unsuspecting homeowners. In the survey, NACA and NCLC contacted attorneys from 34 states who, coll...

Real Estate Holiday Blogging for Fun and Profit

Rew Julie posted this 1,010 Views

In the retail world, Christmas comes right after Halloween, with orange-and-black being replaced with red-and-green almost as soon as the last trick-or-treater retires to their house to tally up their swag.   Like the stores, you should be preparing for the holiday season now.  The time to plan out your blogging for the holiday season should be taken during the latter part of fall, so you can catch an entirely new subset of buyer, seller, present home owner, wishful thinker and search-e...

Real Estate "Professionals" You Should Never, Ever Emulate

Rew Julie posted this 2,351 Views

Many people, when perusing the Rich Wanket saga mentioned that he would not be someone they would wish to emulate.  However, when it comes to bad role models, Wanket really doesn’t rank very high.  There are many people who were a lot more unprofessional, unpleasant or downright nasty than the ad that ended up halting Wanket’s career as a Realtor ®  Here is a list of some of the people you shouldn’t hold up as an example of how to act: David Lane Unfortunately for the many po...

Rich Wanket on Viral Marketing Gone Wrong

Rew Julie posted this 1 6,976 Views

In a personal interview via email, Rich Wanket, the author of the infamous "masturbation ad" that is making the rounds of the Internet, discusses the ad, Edina Realty and the publicity that he's gotten as a result. The Ad Wanket did not initially think that the ad would be a problem when he started the ad campaign in early July 2010. “Regarding why I did not clear the ad before I ran it: I was never given any indication that I needed to. I circulated that ad to other Realtors and st...

Vulgar Ad Gets Minnesota Realtor Fired

Rew Julie posted this 7 16,798 Views

Think about your real estate marketing campaigns.  Did you consider some that were somewhat shocking or controversy-raising?  They sometimes can be a great platform to build your image off of.  However, you might want to consider the effect that it has on your reputation and that of your colleagues and associates. Marketing campaigns are the tattoos of the Internet.  If you don't choose wisely, you could be saddled with a campaign that has far-reaching and unintended consequences.  The In...

The Oatmeal's Guide to Writing Well... Literally.

Rew Julie posted this 4 2,686 Views

Normally, when you look for good advice about writing, you go to an established site that can offer you some concrete rules and regulations for navigating the English Language.  However, you can also get plenty of great advice (with funny pictures) from a site known as The Oatmeal, a one-man-website devoted to infographic-style comics.

Tax Deductions for Americans Attending the REW Summit

Rew Julie posted this 1,039 Views

 Travelling to the REW Summit can hold some hidden tax breaks.  According to the IRS Topic 511, there are quite a few things you can deduct from your expenses. The IRS considers that your attendance at a convention is deductible if you can prove that the attendance benefits your trade or business, which the 2010 REW Summit definitely does! Some of the deductions you can make for travel expenses include: Your transportation.  Travel to Nanaimo involves either an airplane or...

He’s Just Not That Into You

Rew Julie posted this 1,157 Views

You’ll know him as soon as you’ve spent a few minutes in his presence.  He’s not just a Realtor ®, he’s the Realtor; the only one you’ll ever need.  He drives a Nice Car.  He has on a Nice Suit.  He’ll assure you that he’s The Best.  And, if you have money, he is. If you’re on a budget, however, it quickly becomes apparent that your love affair is doomed to an early death.  A summer love – it’s fine if the day is nice and he doesn’t have much to do.  He’s not adverse to slummin...