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Rew Lisa

Blogging Like a Pro Using Local Flavour

Rew Lisa posted this 1 899 Views

Due to the nature of my job, I talk to a lot of REALTORS® about their website blogs and I give a lot of writing advice to help them make the most of that feature of their website to try to attract repeat readers. I encourage them to provide a variety of information to readers; not just using this space as a real estate keyword dump, but actively striving to provide useful and interesting information. In addition to general writing advice, I am always encouraging REALTORS® to share their...

9 Blog Posts To Help You Be More Effective Online

Rew Lisa posted this 1 1,325 Views

This is a collection of my most referenced instructional or otherwise educational posts all together for your viewing pleasure; they contain a great many hints and tips that you can use to broaden your network and make many of your efforts more productive whether they're in onsite content creation or offsite backlinking endeavours. Social Media 101 3 Reasons Why Copied Content Hurts Your Site How Your Real Estate Website Can Bring You More Leads Writing Engaging Articles f...

Social Media for Realtors 101

Rew Lisa posted this 3 1,328 Views

Social media can be a valuable addition to your online presence, but it doesn’t happen all by itself. There is a lot more to using social media than just having your accounts set up; no one is interested in an account that shows no activity! There are good and bad ways to use your social media accounts; don't post just anything for the sake of posting! We’ve all seen businesses that use their Facebook pages or Twitter feeds as spam factories; this type of usage often results in your...

3 Reasons Why Copied Content Hurts Your Site

Rew Lisa posted this 1,343 Views

It’s a sad fact that anyone looking for information on “Area X Homes” can usually find the same paragraph describing the sterling features of Area X on multiple websites. Often, it’s hard to discover which website posted the copy first – unless, of course, it was from your website. What Copied Content Says About Your Site The first thing a savvy buyer thinks when they read the same paragraph for the third time in a row is not how great the site content must be if they’re find...

How Your Real Estate Website Can Bring You More Leads

Rew Lisa posted this 1 1,929 Views

A wellmade website can make you stand above the crowd in your area, but a bad one can be detrimental to your business. As most people know, the Internet is now a major tool for buying and selling real estate and no one can afford to ignore such a powerful marketing technology. Your website should be a marketing and lead generation tool working for you, but if you don’t have a good site to back up your claims of professionalism and knowledge, potential clients will move on to an agen...

Ready to Shed the Winter Blahs?

Rew Lisa posted this 1,012 Views

Here in BC it is—in theory—springtime, though we have all been suffering with some unfortunately unseasonal cool temperatures. While strolling along on my early morning walk just this morning, the local mountains showed a fresh dusting of snow in the pink glow of the dawn and set up a great longing in me for warmer climates. There is something about the end of winter here, with its chilly, damp weather, which makes you long for languid afternoons stretched out on a beach somewhere un...

To Buy, or Not to Buy: Real Estate in 2011

Rew Lisa posted this 3 1,404 Views

It seems like wherever you look for home buying advice, there are a multitude of opinions about when the best time to buy will be.  When you take a good look at the information available, there are some pretty widely divergent ideas about where the real estate market is going right now. One Dip or Two? One school of thought on the home buying issue states that we are in the midst of a double-dip that is likely to drop home sales for the remainder of the year. Truly, when you lo...

Reverse Mortgages: Not Always the Best Option

Rew Lisa posted this 1,095 Views

Most everyone has seen the commercials that used to be so prevalent with older couples looking to add to their monthly incomes with reverse mortgages; they always seemed to make the whole process look so easy and profitable. However, the truth is that a reverse mortgage isn’t just “free money in the bank” and can get home owners into a lot of trouble, especially if they’re not well informed. In the last few years there have been more and more incidents where people struggle to pay ...

Showing Homes for Sale: Keeping Pets in Mind

Rew Lisa posted this 1,309 Views

While I was out walking yesterday, I had my tranquil contemplation interrupted by a pair of dogs barking and howling from down the street as I approached their yard. Now, dogs barking while you walk by their yard isn’t exactly a newsworthy topic; what struck me about this scenario however, is that this home had a big open house sign out front. Most Realtors and home owners are aware of the concept of making your house as appealing as possible when it’s on the market, but someti...

Writing Engaging Articles for Backlinks

Rew Lisa posted this 3 1,239 Views

Most people who know even a little about SEO are aware that writing articles to post online in a variety of places can get you backlinks for your website. However, often there is some confusion about what the topics of these articles needs to be. Let’s say that you’re a Realtor® in Timbuktu and you want to use articles to get backlinks to your website, One common assumption is that you need all of your articles to be exclusively about real estate in ...