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How to Come Across as a Quality Real Estate Blog

As both part of my job and recreational time, I read a lot of blogs. Some of the blogs that I find end up in my regular rotation of reading material, getting at least a weekly hit; however, some of the blogs that I find are quickly discarded as deserving of a second read.

There are a few reasons why I choose to not return to a new blog that I find: lack of readability, lack of interest or entertainment, and lack of regular updates are the most common reasons though.


Readability is a pretty broad issue that affects a huge amount of blogs out on the internet. A blog that is easy to read has few (if any) spelling or grammatical errors so readers can understand what you’re saying, has decent paragraph structure to avoid “wall of text” syndrome, isn’t full of random or inappropriate capitalization, and isn’t obviously keyword stuffed.

  • If your posts are full of errors, that says to me that the author doesn’t care to spell check their work. Even if you don’t compose your post in Word, it’s easy to copy/paste it into the program to spell check it.
  • A single massive paragraph is hard to read on a screen because there are no breaks between ideas.
  • Incorrect capitalization tells me that author doesn’t understand the concept of what a proper noun is.
  • Keyword stuffing in a blog post tells me that the author doesn’t care to actually educate or otherwise engage their reader and instead is just looking to add more spam to the internet.

Interesting Content

Have you ever sat down to read lists of statistics for fun? Most people find reading material like that to be really dry and boring; would you regularly check out a blog that only posted information like that? However, if a blog posts information like market data once a week for their area while posting a few interesting posts in between, then readers are far more likely to come back on a regular basis.

  • Engage your readers and invite them to interact with your blog by asking questions or opinions of your readers. Comment back to your commenters so that they can see that you are interested in what they have to say.
  • Educate your readership about interesting events that take place in your area. This kind of information can be really useful to anyone who’s looking for reasons to buy in your area as well.

Regular Updates

While it can be overwhelming for anyone to blog everyday unless that’s their primary occupation, it is also not advantageous to blog only when the planets are aligned either. Readers will eventually stop coming to your site to read your blog if they rarely ever find anything new there.

  • Blog regularly. For some people that will mean once a week, for others it could mean every second day.
  • Don’t put up a new post just for the sake of having something new though; make sure that new posts are actually something that your readers would want to spend time reading.

When you Update

Once you’ve got an interesting post constructed for your blog, don’t just slap it up and walk away. Take a few minutes to format your post to make it visually interesting. For REW blogs, I like to use REW Phil’s post about formatting for this particular medium.

Some elements that make your blog look great are:

  • Headings: These help break up content and show your readers what your post is about. This is particularly useful in a post that is a “how-to”.
  • Pictures: If you can find a non-copyrighted image that pertains to your topic to use on your blog post, this can add a lot of visual interest as well as breaking up the text on your post.
  • Proofreading: Before you publish your blog post, hit the “preview” button. How does the post look? Sometimes there are errors that only show up once you look at your post this way. After you publish the post, take another quick look at it to make sure that it doesn’t have any broken formatting and appears the way you want.

Good luck and successful blogging!


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Really good post that centers on HOW to maintain a blog following. It seems simple yet so many break the "rules" above. Well done Lisa.

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