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Due to the nature of my job, I talk to a lot of REALTORS® about their website blogs and I give a lot of writing advice to help them make the most of that feature of their website to try to attract repeat readers. I encourage them to provide a variety of information to readers; not just using this space as a real estate keyword dump, but actively striving to provide useful and interesting information.

In addition to general writing advice, I am always encouraging REALTORS® to share their knowledge of the community that they represent by highlighting local businesses and neighbourhoods in their site blog. When visitors go to your site, they can see that you know all about local events, the best local businesses, and where to go to get great service. YOU come across as the area expert and who better to buy your new home from than “The Local Expert”?

What if you have a third party do your blogging for you?

While having a third party blogger compose content for your blog can make the blogging process much easier, it can also remove the potential “local expert” factor from your posts. So, instead of thinking of it as an “either/or” situation, consider adding your own voice to your blog in addition to the posts being written for you.

Local Expert on dog parks

Using a combination of authors can allow you to spread out and cover a larger variety of topics than you might have time for otherwise. You might also want to spread out the blogging to other agents in your brokerage if that is a workable solution. Since writing about things that you’re interested in usually makes for a better post, maybe have one person take care of cultural events, one cover local restaurants, and another one interview local businesses like contractors, painters, and plumbers. When you incorporate posts like this with your market stats and mortgage news, you can create a great resource that is valuable to readers.

One client blog that I really like to see is the RE/MAX of Boulder team blog. They post regularly, with a good variety of topics, and a selection of authors from their team to take advantage of a variety of expertise and interests. Check them out if you’re looking for some ideas on how you can be a great blogger too!

No matter how many posts you add to your blog, don’t forget to link to them on Facebook and/or Twitter and add a comment about why people should come and check out what you have to say!


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Cindy Knight

Perfect timing - we just hired someone to help us get our blog up and running. Thanks for the great advice.

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