Getting Started With The NEW Elite Website


Going Live With The REW Elite Website

Congratulations on purchasing the new “Elite” site design from Real Estate Webmasters. You’ve taken the next step in becoming a rock star Realtor and we’re here to help!

Getting your site from the development stage to live can look like a daunting task, but fear not I’m going to guide you through the steps for getting you live in no time!

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  1. The Development Site
  2. The Elite List Of Requirements
    1. Community Areas
    2. Color Scheme
    3. Company & Brokerage Logos
    4. Company/Brokerage contact information
    5. Agent Profiles
    6. Background Images (Header)
    7. Background Image (Bottom CTA)
    8. Social media links
    9. Google API Key
    10. Everything Else
  3. IDX Compliance
  4. Going live

1. The Development Site

Once you’ve purchased your site from REW and the order has been processed you’re going to receive an email from our Customer Support team. In this email you're going to receive a link to your development site, in my case it is Logging into the backend of your website is easy. Just enter /backend/login on the end of your URL, like this: Below is my email, yours is going to look very similar!

Look for this email once you've ordered your new Elite Website

Now that you've signed into the backend of your website have a look around and get to know the place. In the next steps we're going to look at the requirements for getting your Elite site off the ground and running!

2. Elite Site Requirements

Every site REW creates has some unique aspects to it, the Elite has a gorgeous home page slider, custom colour schemes, an agent profile feature set, and more! Let's go over the list of requirements you need to send along to our team before we you can go live. 

2.1 Community Areas

When you first order your site you can provide us with ten (10) to fifteen (15) community areas that you'd like to have created as pages on your website. Keep in mind that these areas must be available in your MLS, if they aren't we can't create pages for them. As well you can pick up to SIX (6) of these communities to have as "Featured Communities" on your main page. We will only build the IDX content for these pages, the written content is up to you or your SEO! For the featured communities please make sure that the images are 1900px wide by 600px high for optimal viewing. 

2.2 Picking Your Colour Scheme

In the email you first received when ordering your site you will have received ten (10) different colour schemes that you can choose from. From this, pick your favourite to have it installed. Make sure you send the exact name of it, and not a colour description to avoid any potential issues. If you're doing a custom colour scheme it will be completed while your site is in development, so for now pick a placeholder. 

Picking your colour scheme is an important part of the site building process, do you have branded colours you have to use? Or do you want to mix it up with something unique!

2.3 Your Logos

It wouldn't be your website if it didn't have your logos, so you need to make sure that you send them along to our team as soon as possible. You're going to want to send along your personal logo and your brokerage logo, this way they can both be added where they need to be for style and compliance. The best file formats are PNG with a transparent background or any vector format (AI, SVG, or EPS). If you have a PNG make sure that it is a minimum of 500px on the long edge to ensure that it shows up crisp on your site. If you don't have a personal logo we can just use your personal name or company name in text. 

Below is the REW Logo as a transparent PNG at 500px by 134px. 

Check out this image, if you download it you'll see that it doesn't have a background, perfect for a website!

2.4 Company and Brokerage Contact Information

Make sure you send us your company contact information, this way we can add it to your website in all the necessary areas. It will also be used to make sure we can contact you for any reason, and for compliance. Don't worry about changing your phone number or mailing address in the future; it can be changed on the site easily, either by yourself, or by our support team!

If you want to change the phone number at the top follow this path in the backend of your website: CMS > Manage Snippets > #phone-number#

Changing the phone number listed at the top of your site is straightforward. 

If you'd like to change the contact information on the bottom follow this path in the backend of your website: Agents > Manage Offices > Edit Your Office

Editing your footer contact is quick and easy using the Elite Website

2.5 Agent Profiles

On the home page of your website there is a "Featured Agent" section that shows up to four (4) of your agents. These agents are shuffled every time your page is refreshed, if you only have four (4) set to display on the site then they will simply change positions, if you have more than four (4) set to display they will randomly display any four (4) on the home page. If you have some agents you would like to add we are happy to add up to four (4) agents with email addresses, names, and of course a photo! 

By default each agents login will be set to the FIRST and LAST name as the username and "1234" as the password, this should be changed on first sign in. 

Agent photos should be sized in a 1x1 aspect ratio, and be between 500px and 750px in size for optimal viewing size and speed, you can use either a PNG or JPG but make sure the images are web-optimized. 

This handsome fellow is ready for agent feature section. Sized to 575px by 575px and under 100kb!

2.6 Header Background Images

One of the great things about the Elite website is its home page image slider! You can use this area to create a unique look that fits your brand. If you have two (2) to four (4) high-resolution images that you are licensed to use you can provide them to us to be placed. The best size for these images is a minimum of 1600px wide by 700px high. 

You're also able to add and remove these images yourself, simply navigate to CMS > Tools > Slideshow Manager. From here you can add or remove images as you please. 

As you can see, the images you choose for this header can make a huge difference, so make sure you pick the best images!

2.7 Bottom CTA Background Image

There is another image area located right before the footer that contains a transparent box overlay with client testimonials. This image can only be replaced by a REW designer, this is free of charge while in development! If you'd like to replace this image (which we highly recommend) it should be a minimum of 1600px wide by 500px high. 

If you'd like to change this image once you're out of development it will have to be done with custom hours. 

This image is one of the last things on the page, a perfect place for a last second impression, so pick the perfect image!

2.8 Social Media Links

You want your leads to connect with you on social media, so make sure you get links to all your accounts added in! You'll be asked to provide links to all of your relevant social accounts when your dev site is first installed, so make sure you send those as long as a soon as possible so they can be added in. If you want to add or remove any in the future you can change these by modifying the Admins social links. Head to Agents > Agent Profiles > Admin Profile > Edit Preferences to make these changes.

Your social links will look great in the Elite's Side Nav!

2.9 Google API

All sites now require you to have a Google API key created in order for Google Maps to properly work. This must currently be completed by the client, but don't worry it's very straightforward and we have a guide as well as a video to show you the way! You can check out the guide here, or watch the video below.  


2.10 Everything Else!

You've now completed the minimum requirements for changing your Elite website, but there is still lots to do to make it yours! At this point in time you'll want to go through and make sure that none of the base install content exists that references a different city. For example, on the home page it says "Chicago Real Estate", you'll want to change that to fit your city or your brand! You can change this by navigating to CMS > Manage Snippets > Edit on the appropriate snippet. Repeat this for any instance of this. 

Once you've completed that your site is going to start feeling a lot like home! Now it's time to go through compliance and then get your site live. 

3.0 IDX Compliance

This is the process of the MLS Board approving your website for public display, your site can not go live until it has been approved! The process of getting your site compliant is different for every site and every board. Because of this, it's difficult to pick one single pathway of getting your site compliant.

Our coordinators will reach out to you for any necessary forms or information that they may need. They will then reach out to your MLS board for approval on your site. This is often the longest part of the process as our team must wait for approval from the board.

Once your site is deemed compliant by our team and your board it will be approved to go live and you will receive an email. You will have to approve it to go live by using the Site Live Form sent to you by our IDX team.

4.0 Going Live

Once you have submitted the form it will go to our Implementation Specialists who will then review everything and push your site live. Make sure to allow two (2) business days for files to be transferred to the live server – then, our Customer Support team will contact you with the required DNS information (and they'll explain what to do with it). Please note that the "2 days" does not account for issues related to your IDX's compliance with the rules set out by your real estate board.


Your BRAND NEW Elite Website is now live and ready to start generating you some business! Take the next step by adding some high powered SEO content to the site or start getting leads immediately using PPC

Do you have some more questions? Email us at or give us a call from 6am - 6pm PST at 1-877-753-9893. 


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