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REW's March Charity Winner: Nanaimo Child Development Centre (& Silly Boats!)

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We did it! Thanks to all of your support and votes, the Nanaimo Child Development Centre was chosen as March's charity through the REW charity initiative. Real Estate Webmasters is now a Gold Sponsor of the Nanaimo Child Development Centre and we'll be participating in the 30th Annual Silly Boat Regatta! Morgan and I presented the $3000 cheque yesterday morning to the NCDC's resource development coordinator, Michelle Kocourek, and executive director, Scott Bradford.  A Challenge F...

Real Estate Webmasters Career Fair - March 14, 2014!

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Craving a career change? Looking for an exciting new job opportunity?    How To Participate When: Friday March 14, 9 am - 5 pmWhere: Shaw Auditorium, Vancouver Island Conference CentreWhat To Do: Bring your dazzling self along with a resume, your portfolio, and anything else you think will prove you're qualified to work with our awesome team. We'll meet-and-greet interested candidates and get to know each other a little better. Registration ...

REW Charity Proposal: The NCDC Silly Boat Regatta!

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Last summer, Aaron in programming and I decided to volunteer for the Silly Boat Regatta—an annual family-friendly fundraiser for the Nanaimo Child Development Centre. We signed up online and were promptly delegated the task of running a cotton candy concession stand. We loved it! But it was the day prior, during the volunteer orientation, that we learned the waitlist for NCDC assistance is over 300 kids long. That's more than 300 families in our own community who need help righ...

Your Search Engine Rankings Don't Matter (& The Metrics That Do!)

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It would be a lie to say I don't get excited when one of my client sites starts ranking on the first few pages for a major keyword. It feels like months of hard work is finally paying off, and that's awesome! But after a celebratory high-five with the next person I see in the hallway, it's time to settle down and get back to an unfriendly SEO reality: search engine rankings don't actually matter. If you're looking at your website's success in terms of where you think your link is placing...

An Intro To SEO: FAQs & Need-To-Knows For REW SEO Clients

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General SEO Questions What is SEO? Search engine optimization is a set of actions and standards intended to increase the amount of relevant, organic search traffic to a site. It can be seen as an alternative to paid traffic (like PPC) and traditional offline marketing; those are short-term solutions, whereas SEO has long-term benefits. The act of SEO is a complex and constantly evolving process, which requires time, dedication and technical know-how to master. It includes everything...

Top 4 SEO Mistakes That Hurt You & Your Site

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We live and breathe SEO here in the writing department at REW, which means we see all the incredibly awesome things that are happening in the SEO world. It also means that we see the site-crippling mistakes people are making, and those aren't quite as awesome. Here's a list of the biggest repeat offenders I see in my day-to-day and an explanation of why they're bad: 1. Outdated Practices One of the most common problems with modern SEO is an unwillingness to adapt. SEO is constantly ev...

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