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Introducing LEC 2014

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After months of hard work and planning, REW is enormously excited (& proud!) to introduce you to LEC 2014. Aside from our a refined, responsive look and feel, we've packed in a slew of new features that are designed to make you stand out in your market and maximize your buyer and seller leads. Yours Alone LEC 2014 includes an area for a large masthead image that you can control---because this image is so prominent LECs can look widely different depending on the image colors a...

Getting Ready for Responsive Design

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This article assumes that you know what responsive design is. If you don't, head on over and read "Responsive Design". Leave your Print Expectations at the Door It's unreasonable for us to expect that a webpage will always render pixel-perfect. Our job as designers is to mitigate these differences and get them down to a level that we can deem acceptable. Browsers all have their individual quirks are strengths; if we choose which quirks to iron out wisely, your users won't notice and yo...

Responsive Design

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What is Responsive Design? Overview "Responsive Web design" is a website build that is flexible and can adapt to different screen sizes. The elements on your page will scale and at certain "breakpoints" your layout will change to suit your users' screen.The underlying goal of responsive design is to have your website work (well) across a wide array of devices; which bring us to our next point... Size Isn't Everything Screen size is only one consideration. Many newer web-capable d...

Expert Advice: Formatting Your Blog Posts

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The quality of content on REW Blogs has been steadily increasing over the last few months, but not many options have been available for presenting these articles in an attractive & useful way. I'm here to introduce a couple of simple ways to quickly "dress up" your posts to make longer articles more approachable & easier to digest. Some Simple Rules Before we Get Started Starting in a plain-text editor is a great idea for many reasons: Distrations are kept to a ...

Some Changes to Profile Pictures

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You'll notice that the blogs and some other parts of the site will now be sporting new profile pictures; We are now keep thumbnails of profile pictures all over the REW site in a square aspect ratio. This shouldn't be a problem for most of you... but I did notice a small percentage of users that had logos an other types of graphics with non-standard photo dimensions that may need to be readjusted within our new system. We're automatically cropping images to a 1:1 aspect ratio and the final d...