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Server Performance

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Morgan has asked me to do some testing on our servers performance to show to our clients. This blog post will contain the results. All test were performed from a Rackspace Cloud Server in the Chicago datacenter to give a bit of distance from our DFW servers. Network Latency The first thing we need to know, is how long does it take internet traffic to get to our servers and back. This is greatly variable on the end users geographic location. To connect to our web servers your web browse...

Rackspace Outage Nov 12th

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On November 12th at 13:51 CST Rackspace experienced an isolated issue in their core network. A small number of their customers were affected, including REW. The outage lasted about 90 minutes. In simple terms, a core network switch died and when the traffic failed over to the secondary switch it also died. Rackspace is investigating the incident to find ways to improve their network and processes to ensure this event is not repeated. REW Sysadmins were immediately notified of the outage...

REW Hosted Cloud Mail

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We have now partnered with Rackspace to provide Enterprise quality, cloud based email. What makes this email better? Admin control panel - easily manage your emails without calling our support department 25GB mailboxes - keep all your mail forever! Best of Breed SPAM/Virus filtering - keep that junk away! Great Webmail experience! Let's go over each of these in more detail. Admin Panel From here you can manage all the email accounts for your domain. You can set...

LEC 2014 Speed Improvements

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In the new LEC 2014 we've made some speed improvements in the backend to some of the lead pages. These improvements will also be available in 5.0. One of the tools we've used to increase speed is to reduce the amount of data stored in your database. Smaller databases need less RAM to run quickly and will perform better. The first optimization made is to store the History Events for Emails, Saved Listings and Viewed Listing in a more efficient fashion. Previously we stored the full emai...

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

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On Monday April 7th it was revealed that there is a vulnerability in a popular SSL package called OpenSSL. Full technical details can be found at The bug only affects very recent versions of openssl and only our cloud servers have a recent enough version of openssl to be affected. They have all now been patched. You can use this tool to check if your site is vulnerable (only if you actually have SSL for your site)

Drip Campaigns

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I've seen a lot of questions about how EXACTLY campaign emails work. So here is a full explanation of the algorithm and all the edge cases I can think of. This is based on 4.3 but most of this logic has remained unchanged since 4.0. The campaign mailing job is run once a day. The time of your run is randomly picked so we don't have all customers trying to send at the same time. If it's important to you to send around a certain time of day you can contact support and have your job moved ne...

Fluffy Clouds and Buckets of Data

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The Castle Back in November 2012 Morgan and I went and visited Rackspace in San Antonio. They have a pretty cool office; they've converted an old mall into their headquarters. The Castle. We talked about our hosting and how we can continue to grow. They talked to us about a Private Cloud based on OpenStack. But let's back up a second and talk about how our current infrastructure works. We currently have 3 different kinds of servers. Data Feed Processing / Image servers, Data Feed Datab...

Dev Server Maintenance

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On Saturday, February 2nd between 9am and 5pm Pacific time the dev server (,, and will be down for maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

REW 4.2 Anti-Spam Features

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Morgan, R&D and I have been working hard to improve how our code handles sending email - this is to increase the number of emails which make it to the inbox and to reduce the likelihood of being blocked by a major Email Service Provider such as Yahoo or AOL. Bounces and Feedback Loops I have signed up for the Feedback Loops of AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Now, whenever one of their users reports an email as SPAM, a copy is sent to us. I have code which will, at that point, read our pos...

Scheduled Maintenance - January 31st 2012

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Currently our servers are connected to each other and the internet with a 100 megabit network. We are beginning to reach the capacity of this network. In order to prevent congestion between our servers and the internet we are pre-emptivly upgrading to a gigabit network. We will be replacing our firewall, load balancer, and switches. Rackspace will also provide us with a gigabit connection to the internet. During this time we will loose all connectivity to the internet and your sites will ...