LEC 2014 Speed Improvements


In the new LEC 2014 we've made some speed improvements in the backend to some of the lead pages. These improvements will also be available in 5.0.

One of the tools we've used to increase speed is to reduce the amount of data stored in your database. Smaller databases need less RAM to run quickly and will perform better.

The first optimization made is to store the History Events for Emails, Saved Listings and Viewed Listing in a more efficient fashion. Previously we stored the full email text for every email sent. With LEC 2014 we now only store one copy of the email text (before the tags are replaced) and then just reference it from all the history events stored. The same goes for Saved/Viewed Listings. We used to store a full copy of the listings details for every single event. Now we just store one copy of the listing (or more if its details change) and then reference that. These changes significantly reduce the size of a database and improve speed. Existing Saved/Viewed Listing events can be converted to the new more efficient format on upgrade, but email events cannot as we don't have the message before its tags were replaced.

The second optimization is to introduce a retention period for Tracked Visits and History Events. Some of our customers have been around for a long time and have been bringing along old data as they upgrade. In the new LEC 2014 we are going to limit Tracked Visits and History Events to store a whole 12 months of data instead of the current "forever" model. Do you really need to know every page a lead looked at 2 years ago? Or every time the lead logged in or out?

A few types of History Events will be kept forever as we feel they are extra important and don't consume much space.

  • Lead connecting a social media account
  • Lead filling out a form
  • Lead Unsubscribing
  • Lead Verifying email address
  • Lead Registration or creation by an agent
  • Agent rejecting a lead
  • Email from the admin to Agents or Associates or Lenders
  • Direct email to a single lead
  • All recorded phone calls

One other cool new thing in the backend of LEC 2014 is an updated WYSIWYG Editor and new image manager!

Create folders!

Drag and drop uploads!

Upload progress!

Image management!

I hope these new features and improvements help make you all more productive lead generating machines!


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