NEW Content Quick Search!


As part of the latest REW Promo if you order $1000 USD or more you also get the new Content Quick Search. It requires CMS 2.5 and Standard REW Promotional Rules Apply.

Basically this allows you to search through all your pages to find that one you need to edit. This is especially handy when you have hundreds and hundreds of pages and only know the filename of the page.

It will search the Page Title, Filename/Alias, and Anchor Text of all your CMS page. If only 1 result is returned then you are taken straight to that page to edit.

Here is a screenshot of it in action!



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Ye gods, where was this when I was on the writing team?

This is an essential tool for anyone who has 50 community pages with 10 subpages each, and property-type pages that are sometimes a sub-page of a community, or sometimes a sub-page of a main property type page! :P

REW Tracy

I LOVE this feature, and highly recommend it for people with lots of pages.

Yay Steven ^_^


I could use this. How much is to buy it not a promo item?

REW Steven

Hello Drew

The Content Quick Search is currently only available as part of the promo.

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