PHP Programming

Input Validation

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A very important concept in programing a system that will be used by people is Input Validation. When programmers miss this it can make life difficult for others trying to deal with the data. As I deal with IDX Data I come across this a lot. I recently had a feed with 32 different spellings of a city name. Many of them were just typos like a semicolon (;) instead of an l ( the keys are next to each other on most keyboards ). Other cases were misspellings or variations of a name. An example ...

Some Things to know about IE 7

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When using javascript in IE 7, you don't need to use getElementById Thus in IE 6 you would do: Code: <script>var city = document.getElementById('city');alert(city.innerHTML);</script> And in IE 7 you can do Code: <script>alert(city.innerHTML);</script> city is automatically an object pointing to the HTML tag with the id of that name. This also means that if you accidentally use a variable with the same name as an id of an element, you will...