REW Halloween 2011


Hello! Here are the photos from this years Halloween!

Gerry as a Caveman

Tracy as Bob Ross

Lisa as LIzzie Borden

Kim as Black Mail

Kathryn as a Pirate

Moriah as a Jedi

Steven and Andy as Bunsen and Beaker

Anthony H


Anthony Clark as Data

Niki as Dr Evil

Phil as Andy Warhol

Dawn as Medusa


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REW Nick

Probably the best photo of Gerry I have ever seen.


Pure Awesome!!!!


I wish they were labelled with names! I've talked to so many people at REW, and I don't know any faces. Except Kim's lovely face :) Nice costume, Kim! It's very Jim Halpert.

REW Steven

@RachelVanderveen Updated with names and descriptions!

Rew Lisa

Autumn makes the best Mini-me ever!


Halloween is my favorite holiday - hence my Halloween post a day behind. Love these costumes! I didn't dress up this year as my musician husband didn't play any Halloween gigs. I usually win a prize. Maybe next year. Gerry, you make an awesome caveman!

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