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In support we often get questions from people asking how to change the font color or font face of the text on their REW Template or REW LEC. And the simple answer is "you don't". Many people tend to make bad choices of font styling because they are not trained designers.

All of our sites come with a Content Formatting Test page to show what the built in styles for things like headings and paragraphs look like. These styles were created by our skilled team of designers to look best on your website. You should use these built in styles for your content. Put most of it in a paragraph and use the different levels of headings to outline your page. Use the important and highlight styles to make some divs or paragraphs stand out.

If you really want something special like a styled box, such as can be found on Jim Olenbush's site, just contact sales and we can create some fancy styles just for you.

The most important thing is to keep your formatting consistent across your site and keep it clean.

If you insist on changing your font color or font face, you will need to learn HTML.


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