Realtor Murder to be Featured on Dateline Tonight


lindsaybuziak1_356.One of the youngest members of the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) was murdered in 2008 while showing a listing to a couple she'd never met before. It's been reported that 24-year old Lindsay Buziak was stabbed several times in an upstairs room, less than 20 minutes before her boyfriend was scheduled to meet up with her at the home.

The killers have never been found, so the Saanich Police Department, along with cooperation from Lindsay's family, have turned to Dateline NBC in the hopes of finding fresh leads. Dateline will be airing Lindsay's story tonight, and is called, "Dream House Mystery."

The case has been an unusual one, with many more questions than answers. Among the public, speculation as to the identity of the killers ran wild, with article commenters suggesting it was famed murderer, Karla Homolka, or even a satanic cult.

It seemed at first that Lindsay had been randomly attacked while showing new clients a home, but this theory was quickly debunked as the investigation got underway. Police now believe that Lindsay was targeted, and due to the high level of organization and skill of the murderers, were contract killers paid to go after Lindsay. Lindsay's father has even stated that he knows who killed his daughter, but no arrests have been made.

Despite the fact that this looks to have been a targeted killing, Lindsay's death has been a grim reminder of the dangers that real estate agents can face in the field. According to, Chris Markham (former president of VREB) said, "We're telling people to understand who their client is and if they don't -- to make sure you go out with someone else. People have also been told to work in teams." They've also implemented wireless lock boxes equipped with panic buttons that send out distress signals.

My question is: what protocols does your team have in place to protect agents in the field?

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Rew Lisa

That is just such a horrible story. I really hope that bringing it back to the public eye can get some more information into this investigation.

Spoken Gently

Thanks Tracy,

Here is a link to the full Dateline episode.

Sadly, this tragedy could have been avoided by simply screening the people she met with. We verify the identity with every new client. We do not make any exceptions to this rule.

REW Tracy

Thanks so much for posting the link! Also, I think it's very important that agents follow your advice, and screen their clients before meeting them.

It appears that around 100 tips have come in since Friday, which police are currently investigating. Hopefully they'll catch a break soon, so Lindsay's family can find a bit of closure.


I'm not sure showing in pairs would thwart criminals or end up with 2 people hurt and/or killed, especially if a gun is involved. Whenever I show a vacant home to new "buyers" I give my husband all of the details.

I make sure I get a phone number and call it to confirm the showing. I usually have a working e-mail address, too. I suppose having this contact info should mean that these people know there is a trail to them and therefore aren't criminals.

I've even carried my cell phone throughout a showing with my husband listening on the other end (unbeknownst to the buyer). I know I'd probably be badly hurt or dead before help could arrive if that's what the "buyer" had in mind, but at least they'd hopefully be caught.

I hope they catch the murderer(s) in this case.

Tim Shepard Destin

It's easy to become comfortable in our business since overwhelmingly our clients are law abiding citizens that are a pleasure to work with.

Occasionally we all get into situations that make us uncomfortable. When I feel nervous, I call another agent to go with me. Fortunately, this has only happened twice in ten years but the point is that I asked for help. As a broker, I always stress safety to my agents and to ask another agent for help if they feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many agents feel embarrassed about asking.

For anyone that feels comfortable, I recommend getting a conceal carry license, training, and carrying a gun.

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