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Link Relevance Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

rickh posted this 617 Views

Many web owners and would-be SEO gurus think they have the whole SEO thing figured out.  They've read somewhere that they should only try to get links from “relevant” sites. If you have a dog training site, then you should only try to get links from other "dog" or "pet" sites. If you have a "golf" site you should only worry about getting links from other "golf" sites. But there is a problem with the concept of “relevance”. For instance, if you own a “dog training” site and you get ...

The Search Engines Will NOT Send Lots of Traffic to Your Blog

rickh posted this 4 762 Views

  If you’ve done any research into blogging, you’ve probably been exposed to the standard formula for blogging success. This formula has been promoted by countless gurus and web marketers trying to sell blogging advice and “systems” and it goes like this: Pick an interesting topic for your blog Write interesting posts with catchy titles Optimize your blog posts for the Search Engines Sit back and wait for the traffic. If you do these things, the forumula says, you...

Get More Traffic By Choosing the Right Keywords

rickh posted this 670 Views

It goes without saying that the search engines - especially Google - are important if you want to get business from the web. Regardless of your business - and certainly if you are a real estate agent - it is tempting to assume there are just one or two search terms that you should focus on when trying to get search engine ranking. For example, you might assume if you are an agent in Toledo that your primary search term should be Toledo real estate or Toledo homes. This may be correct as ...

Are You Stealing Blog Content?

rickh posted this 3 674 Views

I regularly talk to a real estate agents who publish their own blogs. Sometimes I will hear someone say: “Why should I pay for content when I can just copy stories from online news sources or other newsletters that people send me? Why should I pay for something that’s free?” When I point out that this is actually stealing content I usually get no response. People who do this either don’t realize they are stealing other people’s writing, or they prefer not to think about it. But let...

Thinking Like a Search Engine

rickh posted this 1 656 Views

To win at the search game you have to think like a search engine. That means you have to clearly spell out what each page is about. Thinking like a search engine means you should not make your visitors read between the lines to figure out what your content is about. For instance, if a particular web page is about Punkydoodles Corners homes, then the search engines should be able to clearly see that and then put that in their database: “This page is about Punkydoodles Corners homes.” In...

Facebook Ads Give Agents New Options

rickh posted this 707 Views

For local business owners one of the biggest drawbacks with online advertising has been the crude (or non-existent) ways in which you can target the reach of your ads. Placing an ad on a high traffic sight virtually guarantees getting hits from people you have no interest in reaching. And this alone can make online advertising inefficient and overly expensive. Pay Per Click (like Google Adwords) solved this problem by allowing advertisers to target by keyword. But many local business...

iPhone or Blackberry - Which is Better for Business?

rickh posted this 2 806 Views

The iPhone is about as hot as a product could be right now. The recent release of the iPhone 4 broke all records for a new gadget. They have been flying off store shelves by the thousands - 1.7 million of them in the first three days. On the other hand the Blackberry has a very strong presence among business people. The Blackberry is good for business because it is a great little messaging device. In fact Apple's unwillingness to include a physical keyboard with the iPhone will continue ...

Name One Good Reason I Should Deal With You

rickh posted this 628 Views

Agents who don't bring anything unique to the table have an uphill battle convincing clients to hire them. From the marketing perspective it is important to present yourself as a specialist in some important way. Marketers call this having a "Unique Selling Proposition". Your USP should add value – a perceived advantage – in the eyes of your prospective customers. It should give your customers and prospects a reason to deal with your business rather than one of your competitors. For e...