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Get More Traffic By Choosing the Right Keywords

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It goes without saying that the search engines - especially Google - are important if you want to get business from the web. Regardless of your business - and certainly if you are a real estate agent - it is tempting to assume there are just one or two search terms that you should focus on when trying to get search engine ranking. For example, you might assume if you are an agent in Toledo that your primary search term should be Toledo real estate or Toledo homes. This may be correct as f...

Facebook Ads Give Agents New Options

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For local business owners one of the biggest drawbacks with online advertising has been the crude (or non-existent) ways in which you can target the reach of your ads. Placing an ad on a high traffic sight virtually guarantees getting hits from people you have no interest in reaching. And this alone can make online advertising inefficient and overly expensive. Pay Per Click (like Google Adwords) solved this problem by allowing advertisers to target by keyword. But many local businesses...