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The PPC Project & Finale!

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Arrivederci Optional Registration! If anyone has ever doubted the effectiveness of forced registration, please refer them to this post. I finally reached the last month of my PPC experiment where my settings were changed from forced registration to optional, and frankly - this experiment is over. I knew there would be a drop in numbers, but nothing prepared me for this. Here are the stats from the first 2 weeks of June compared to a similar time period in April when we were using fo...

The PPC Project - May 16-31, 2014

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Or...Give Me Back My Forced Registration May was a tense month for our PPC experiment. Less leads, higher costs, but we noticed definite improvement in lead quality with an increased percentage of actual inquiries. PPC Stats from May 16-31, 2014 Traffic from PPC clicks totaled approximately 33% of all visits to the site. The 15% cost per lead increase was compared to the first two weeks of the month. Our month-to-month comparison is considerably higher. Monthly Stat Compariso...

The PPC Project - May 1-15

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PPC Conversion Case Study - Week 4 - May 1-15, 2014 We've just completed week 4 of our PPC conversion case study, where we're tracking the impact of different registration settings on Pay-Per-Click results. I have to say, I'm already pulling out my hair! If you'll recall, in May we changed our registration settings to "Forced After 2 Views". You won't believe how much this small adjustment has impacted our leads. PPC Stats from May 1 - 15, 2014   Compare this to a sim...

The PPC Project - April 15-30

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PPC Conversion Case Study - Week 3 - April 15-30, 2014 It's hard to believe an entire month has gone by since we started our PPC conversion case study. Overall, things are maintaining status quo, with no drastic spikes or drops. In fact, we've already had some sales from the leads in the last 45 days, and our bounce rate has dropped. Here are the results from April 15-30, 2014, as well as a month to month comparison from March to April. Comments It seems this last couple of w...

The PPC Project - April 1-14, 2014

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PPC Conversion Case Study - Week 2 - April 1-14, 2014 We're now entering the second part of the PPC Conversion Case Study. Two weeks ago we reported the March stats which will serve as a benchmark for comparison, and this week we're presenting the data from April 1-14. The campaign continues to build momentum and perform at a higher level! Our cost-per-lead is decreasing, thanks to a lower-cost-per-click, and higher conversion rate. You'll also notice the average ad position changed fr...

The PPC Project - Week 1

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PPC Conversion Case Study - Week 1 Since establishing our new site in 2011, we've watched CalgaryHomeTeam.com grow by leaps and bounds. I remember being shocked when less than 12 months after going live, my traffic showed an increase of 723%! This kind of growth doesn't happen on its own. The time spent on the site by myself and REW, not to mention the financial investment has been considerable. But, to see the positive results and growth in my business, it's all been worthwhile. I thi...

Calgary Real Estate - Leading the Way in National Affordability

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Swimming against the stream of major centres across Canada, housing affordability in the Calgary-area continues to show encouraging levels of improvement nationwide in the second quarter of 2012, according to the latest Housing Trends and Affordability report by RBC Economics, released last month. The report identifies the significant drop in utility bills in Alberta, as the chief reason behind the lower homeownership costs in the province. "The sudden reversal of earlier elec...

Live Where You Shop...or...Pedestrian-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Calgary

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For people who like to walk to where they shop, there are definitely some Calgary neighbourhoods that are more pedestrian-friendly than others. Here is a guide to some of the popular shopping districts in the city, and the nearby communities: Calgary Shopping Districts Uptown 17th Avenue Uptown 17th Avenue is a popular shopping district between 2nd and 14th Street SW that has gained national recognition as one of the top retail locations in Canada. This eclectic strip offers eve...

And You Thought Your Rent Was High!

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Downtown office space in Calgary is in fairly high demand, and although most tenants would say their rent is too high, based on an article in efinancialnews.com, Calgary is a bargain compared to these international cities: #10:Zurich, Switzerland - Average occupancy costs: $98 per sq. ft/ per year #9: Paris, France: Average occupancy costs: $106 per sq. ft/ per year #8: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Average occupancy costs: $109 per sq. ft/ per year (after an 8% drop in 2011) #7: ...

Luxury Homes Sales on the Rise

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The headline in the Calgary Herald read, "Luxury Home Sales Booming in Calgary - Sales over $1 million highest since 2007." For me, this cast a needed glimmer of hope on our economy. When the big ticket houses start to sell, you know people are feeling more confident about the market and overall economic picture. Other good news that came out of this article - a high percentage of the luxury sales were the result of current Calgary residents, who previously may have been fence sittin...