Luxury Homes Sales on the Rise


Calgary luxury homes

The headline in the Calgary Herald read, "Luxury Home Sales Booming in Calgary - Sales over $1 million highest since 2007." For me, this cast a needed glimmer of hope on our economy. When the big ticket houses start to sell, you know people are feeling more confident about the market and overall economic picture.

Other good news that came out of this article - a high percentage of the luxury sales were the result of current Calgary residents, who previously may have been fence sitting, are now taking advantage of the low interest rates and upsizing to larger homes; or buyers transferring in for better jobs. Low interest rates, better job security - those are all good signs of a healthy economy.

This isn't just happening in Calgary. Over 80% of the top Canadian cities have all posted record sales in their high end market. In Naples, Florida, a primarily luxury market, I read about a small boutique firm that closed over $150 million in sales for April. That area had been sluggish for awhile, but in the last few months they've started to see an upswing in sales. This is especially good news when you consider that many of their customers are Canadian.

Just when you think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, another article has quoted governor Mark Carney advising homebuyers "use prudence and caution because borrowing costs can only go up"... Thanks Bank of Canada.

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