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Alpharetta Home Prices Rise, Demand is Falling

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It's been great news since Spring in Alpharetta and most of Metro Atlanta for sellers as prices have pushed up rapidly all year. Most of the rise however, did not come from an overwhelming uptick in demand. The largest reason we saw such an increase in prices was due to very low inventory. That's changing now as the inventory of homes has risen every month since June and demand is now lower in Alphretta than it was in 2012. Here is what the demand looks like: In the last 30 days, th...

Anyone Using Hyperlocal Sites to Farm?

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I created a small Wordpress site a couple of years ago in the hopes to begin farming a neighborhood and it seemed like a great idea at the time. As with many things I have started like this site, I caught myself starting one more project and then one more and before long, I had forgotten about this one. The purpose of the site was to start generating listings and the site, combined with a tradtional farming model was going to help brand me as an expert in the neighborhood. Seems like this...

1865 Bethany Way - $11,500,000 - FMLS# 4108467

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Introducing 'Providence' - A 67 acre lakeside Monticello inspired estate designed by Stephen Fuller. I'm absolutely excited to bring this property on the market. The classic symmetry, attention to detail, proper scale and careful proportion combine to create a one of a kind, timeless yet comfortable home. You enter the property through a tree-lined winding road that provides glimpses - hints of what you are approaching as you exit each turn down the private drive passing while ...

Atlanta Luxury Market Moving Better - Like the Rest of the Market

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The luxury market moves at a different pace than the rest of the market. Buyers and sellers can withstand downturns more quickly than most and they also tend to recover more quickly from those downturns. So it was no surprise to see that prices did not drop at the higher price points - at least not as quickly. However, even the luxury market eventually fell prey to the downturn in the real estate sector and the overall economic downturn, and, like the rest of the market is showing ...

Atlanta Short Sale Specialist

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A short sale listing and a regular listing end with the word listing and that is about the end of the similarities. At least if we are talking about a short sale listing that has a chance to close. That's because of the additional information you need to know if you are listing a home as a short sale as well as the steps required to keep all parties involved in a transaction where time lines and contract dates often come and go without a closing. If you are a real estate agent in this m...

209 Roseville Place - Milton, GA FMLS# 4001863 - $300K in Crabapple Crossroads for New Construction!

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If you have been on the sidelines waiting for something in Milton, Now is your chance! This one will not last long. I put it in the FMLS last night at about 11:00 and I won't be surprised if we have a contract on it by the end of the Holiday weekend. This 4 bedroom 3.5 bath home has hardwood floors and granite counters as well as a master on the main and upstairs as well. The bonus room could easily be a fifth bedroom and all in the convenient and popular Crabapple Crossroads neighborhood...

When is a Good Time to Re-Brand a Real Estate Image

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Recently I decided that it was time to change my growing real estate brand known as "The Ryan Ward Group" to something that I felt better represented the vision that I have for myself and for my agents. This is not a task that should be undertaken lightly. I've actually been intellectually tinkering with the idea for about a year. Coming up with a "brand" is not easy to do. Our lead generation is in large part online, but, I am not so naive as to believe the world will ev...

Homes for Sale in Grand Veridian

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We have a beautiful new listing in Grand Veridian (picture to left) so I thought I would talk about the neighborhood a little bit. If you are interested in this home more specifically, visit the single property website located here at homes for sale in grand veridian. Grand Veridian is a swim/tennis neighborhood that was built by Fairgreen with the first homes being finished in 2001. When you drive through Grand Veridian it doesn't take long to see that the neighborhood itself was thought...

Homes For Sale in Atlanta - The Inventory Problem

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Some are claiming "the bottom" here in Atlanta. John Adams, a very popular real estate investor with a talk radio show has been saying it for months, you can read other "experts" in the AJC who say that February was the bottom, but, I do not believe that to be the case and I believe that what we have is nothing more than a homes for sale in Atlanta problem - make that a too many homes for sale in Atlanta problem. In other words, there is still simply too much invento...

Crooked Creek Golf and Country Club Market Update

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What better time to update sales in Crooked Creek than right now when we have a listing for sale and right after I'm back with some fresh photos of the golf course. I'll post a couple photos down the page a little, but, I do want to get to the actual market. Crooked Creek is in an extraordinary community and if you live there or you are familiar with it, you probably don't need me to tell you that :). For everyone else, I think it's important to talk about what Crooked Creek is in the proces...