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Ryan Ward

Keller Williams Red Day 2009 - Giving Where We Live

Ryan Ward posted this 2,222 Views

Keller Williams Red Day is an event where offices around the country take a day to give back to our community. It is another one of the many reasons that , in my opinion, separates Keller Williams from other real estate brokerages and makes it the best place to hang my license. This year, our Keller Williams Roswell office donated our time to The Foster Care Support Foundation. The Foundation helps foster families across the state of Georgia through donations of clothing for infants, todd...

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2009 - KW in Orlando

Ryan Ward posted this 11 6,031 Views

Seen Through the Eyes of a First Timer (I'm in the Keller Williams Realty Consultants office in Roswell, GA) Saturday I arrived in Orlando earlier today and finally got a chance to meet Cal Carter from the Gulf Shores outside of the exhibits and registration entrance at the Orlando County Convention Center. He's going to be sitting in on one of the panels so I'll definitely try to make that one. The city is jam packed with multiple conventions and traffic is a bear, but, I alre...

Roswell Real Estate Market Update

Ryan Ward posted this 1,197 Views

Roswell Georgia offers buyers some of the best value for their money in North Fulton. The location makes it more reasonable to commute in to the city of Atlanta compared to northern sections of Alpharetta, Milton and Cumming and it isn't necessary to pay more for a home, but, like other areas of Atlanta and the rest of the real estate market, Roswell has seen modest price declines and a major reduction in sales volume. Below is an update on the market for Roswell. There are current...

Alpharetta Homes for Sale Numbers and Market Update

Ryan Ward posted this 1,102 Views

The sky has fallen on the real estate market. Banks are even afraid to foreclose on homes until the new administration tells them how they are going to bail them out. Prices are down nationally and almost on all local levels as well. But, not everything is all bad. It never is. I don't participate in spin, but, what I just said above isn't bad spin. It's just not the entire story. Here's the problem when we hear a news caption like this; it never tells the whole story. Let's look at a mar...

Taking Wide Angle Photos Can Make for Bad MLS Photos - Here's How to Avoid Distorion

Ryan Ward posted this 12 5,226 Views

You've seen MLS photos shot with a wide angle lens like (like the ones below). It's probably a good photo, but, not in the form it gets uploaded to in the MLS. Typically, they get mashed (technical term) in from the left and the right until the picture looks stretched tall. Very bad image from a consumer perspective to say the least and wide angle photos really do make for better shots of rooms than a regular width photo. There is a simple way to avoid this, get your full widt...

Dunwoody Open House

Ryan Ward posted this 1 1,482 Views

Sunday, November 9th from 1-3 pm we will be holding our new listing open in Dunwoody located at 2834 Burnham Ct. This is an exciting new listing because not only do I believe that we have the home priced at a great value, but, because this is truly an exceptional home. classic by many Dunwoody standards, this home definitely has the nicest kitchen renovation I have ever seen at this price point. Just look at a couple photos: Beyond just the beautiful kitchen, there is a magnificent ...

More Good News! Housing Starts Continue to be Down

Ryan Ward posted this 5 1,393 Views

OK, so it isn't conventional to think of this as a good sign, but, it is imperative that this trend continue if we are to get out of this slowdown anytime soon. We simply have too much inventory and fewer housing starts contributes to lowering inventory. The federal government reported today that housing starts are down about another 6% bringing it to 50 year lows. Here is an excerpt from the report: "Privately-owned housing starts in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual ra...

Atlanta Real Estate Market Consistently Down 1/3 Year-to-Date - Does that Make the Glass Half Ful...

Ryan Ward posted this 1,439 Views

For several months now, the FMLS has reported roughly 33% declines in the total number of home sales compared with the same time one year earlier. Condos have consistently performed even worse at something around 40% of a decline in sales volume, but, I'd like to take a look at this from a different perspective. We are so used to seeing the glass half full or half empty that we sometimes read market conditions through a colored lens that doesn't allow us to make honest and objective assessme...

Milton and Alpharetta Combined Market Update

Ryan Ward posted this 1,503 Views

Deciphering boundaries between Alpharetta and Milton can be difficult to manage using the FMLS because too many agents still enter listings that are actually in Milton as "Alpharetta" because they don't understand (this is just my opinion) that there is a specific desire by consumers to search specifically for homes for sale in Milton vs. Alpharetta due to some of the inherent differences between the 2 cities. Complicating the statistics even farther is the very large number of unm...

Atlanta Real Estate Closings Over the Past Six Years

Ryan Ward posted this 1,281 Views

The FMLS puts together statistical reports monthly from their data and this chart is something I meant to post about a week ago. Sorry to be a little late on the most recent numbers, but, here they are. This chart reflects closed sales over the past 6 years. It may illustrate the market better than just about anything I've done recently. I apologize that this isn't the fanciest chart you may have seen, but, I didn't make it. The point here is that for all of the pontificating about th...