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Brookhaven Real Estate

Ryan Ward posted this 3,764 Views

2475 Brookhaven Heights, Brookhaven: MLS # 3459110 What a great find for you if you are looking for Brookhaven townhomes for sale. This magnificent European townhome has so much more to offer in the way of amenities than you can find in comparable new construction that you really should consider this as an alternative. For starters, this home is wider than the construction available at this price and has 10' ceilings on the first floor and 9' ceilings upstairs. Take a look at this gourmet...

Intown Atlanta Real Estate

Ryan Ward posted this 1,919 Views

Intown Atlanta real estate comprises a number of different areas and styles of homes. The one that comes to mind for me right now is the numerous choices we have in the condo market. Take for example this condo in Art Foundry at Atlantic Station. 401 16th Street, Unit #1463 in Atlantic Station This condo represents much of what you can expect for a condo in Midtown Atlanta and you cannot beat the location. You can walk to the shops and the Atlantic Station Mall and if you work in M...

Atlanta, Georgia Homes For Sale

Ryan Ward posted this 2,197 Views

One of the most important factors relating to the housing market is called the absorption rate. The absorption rate tells us how long it would take, based on statistics, for all homes to sell, if no new homes came on the market during that time. To find the absorption rate you must divide the number of homes available by the number of homes that have sold. Currently there are 5,400 homes for sale in the city of Atlanta and,  according to the Atlanta MLS, the FMLS, 48...

Hire A Buyers Agent if you Buy New Construction

Ryan Ward posted this 4 6,558 Views

The popularity of new construction is undeniable. Many buyers simply prefer to buy a new home rather than to purchase an existing home that has been owned and lived in by other people. I guess it is similar to that new car smell that makes a new car irresistible to some. There is definitely something wonderful about buying a new home you can customize exactly to the style and amenities you prefer. If you are considering buying a new home, you will want to consider some of these suggestions b...

What's in a Good Market Analysis

Ryan Ward posted this 2,395 Views

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is the most important,and, should be the first skill that any real estate agent learns how to do well. A CMA should be used to determine fair market value for a home based on certain conditions. The conditions for determining fair market value are that you have a willing buyer, a willing seller and no undue pressure on either party. This is market value. Not what the seller or agent or buyer feels like the value is, but instead, what buyers and seller...

Make Sure Your Contracts are in Writing

Ryan Ward posted this 2,479 Views

From time to time while negotiating a real estate contract, an agent might try to make a verbal offer on behalf of their client. This is not only bad practice, it is not enforceable. Many reasons can be given why an agent tells you that they need to make an offer verbally - none are good enough to not have it put in writing. During the course of negotiating a sale of real estate, many smaller items do arise and information exchanges can take place to help either party decide what their next ...

Alpharetta MLS Market Stats

Ryan Ward posted this 1,976 Views

Here are the Alpharetta real estate market conditions for January, 2007. The information gathered for this report is furnished by the FMLS.   Alpharetta Real Estate Alpharetta January Active 1760 Pending 407 Sold 130 ...

Georgia Real Estate Contracts

Ryan Ward posted this 13 10,572 Views

About 15 changes have been made to the Purchase and Sale Contracts for residential real estate in Georgia for 2007. Some of the changes are more significant to parties involved in the transaction so we will cover the important changes here. The biggest change that was made is in the method of payment section of the contract. Under the old sales contract, a buyer had until up to the day of closing to qualify for the loan and this did not provide any protection for the seller if the buyer&n...

Search for Homes by School District

Ryan Ward posted this 1 4,655 Views

Whether or not you intend for your home to be an investment, it is. The school district where your home is located influences the value considerably. The foremost reason is that many potential buyers have children and the quality of education is an extremely important factor in where they a willing to move. Parents value a good education for their children, and if the public schools are not satisfactory, many elect private schools or move to an area with better public education. The costs as...

Buying Your First Investment Property (Part 1 of a Series)

Ryan Ward posted this 2,224 Views

Special Guest Author, Eric Blackwell of Louisville, KY   So you want to buy your first investment property. You’ve looked at the market as best you can. You may have gone to real estate seminars. You’ve even likely bought expensive books and / or CDs trying to “strike it rich in real estate”. Now you are looking to find and complete your first deal. According to the National Association of REALTORS, investment and / or vacation homes accounted for 4 out of ...