Bellingham, Wa. Home Inspector and an Ounce of Prevention


“ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you really think about what that phrase means, and if something was prevented from happening altogether, then there would be no need for a cure, which would render the cure priceless. Unfortunately, it seems that we are unable to completely prevent the ravages of time and the elements, whether we are talking about our homes or our faces and bodies. Therefore, in the context of the real world, we need to consider the implications of time and the elements on our homes and ourselves, and commit to putting up a good fight against possible damages. In a word, maintenance. The oldest dwellings and buildings in the world benefit from almost constant care and maintenance. Perhaps the best analogy to the ounce of prevention precept is that the time, labor, and money spent on maintenance, in most cases, is far less than the amount spent on major repairs. Every temperate region has its’ own unique affects on a home. Here in Blaine and Bellingham, Wa., we are often pummeled by rain and wind. The homeowner can do much to extend the longevity of their homes; caulking and painting, cleaning gutters and downspouts, cleaning and sealing deck surfaces, trimming back vegetation, keeping weather stripping intact, changing filters, inspecting appliances and working systems in the home, cleaning moss on roof surfaces, etc. Avoiding the maintenance on any of these areas can and does lead to major costly repairs. Had I only known that a little more sunscreen and a little less beer and cheeseburgers would have prevented me from looking like something from a Bela Lugosi movie, I would not have to be considering the facelift and tummy tuck. So please do your homes and your pocketbook a favor, and keep a scheduled routine of maintenance. And remember, time marches on………….your face. Allmann Home Inspection Services in Blaine and Bellingham,Wa. 360-371-0260 or 360-739-7361.


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