Hawaii Short Sales

Now the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit ....and Tomorrow?

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We've been a happy bunch with the buyer's incentive of a tax credit of up to 8k for buying that first home. I had two transactions due to close this month  that were squeezing by....hoping that they would extend the credit so there were no worries about getting that credit. Hawaii First Time Homebuyers who really wanted that credit. Granted, they wanted to really buy that first home anyway and one did close this past Friday (short sale) with a one acre lot with a nice house. The ...

Honolulu Real Estate | Hawaii Short Sales YTD 2009 Market Statistics

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With Short Sales still a part of our Honolulu County Housing Market at least there are some being sold and going in contract rather than remaining stagnant  as in the beginning of 2009. Year to Date 2009 Sales and current short sale listings are depicted in the chart above. The majority of Short Sale Active Listings are in the Ewa Beach area with 71 of the 204;  44 of 103 are in contract  and 53 of 116 solds. That's a significant bundle of homes owners being helped a...

Hawaii Short Sales | Honolulu County Real Estate

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                       Hawaii is said to be a year or so behind the Continental United States with current trends in the real estate market. With that in mind let's take a look at the year to date sales with Hawaii Short Sales in Honolulu County.                 There were 108 single family home short ...