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Coronado Shores Housing for Sale in Coronado, CA

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Coronado Shores Homes Home buyers from around the country, and the world, are interested in beautiful Coronado Shores real estate. This oceanside area is a favorite for those interested in the convenience of condo living in a moderate and pleasant climate. Coronado, California is well-known as an exciting and vibrant community that attracts tourists as well as potential residents. Only a few miles from San Diego, it is also in a prime location for both outdoor activitie...

La Mesa Real Estate for Sale at Mount Helix

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Mount Helix Housing Do not let the opportunity of your lifetime pass you by: come to beautiful California and check out the homes in the Mount Helix real estate market. You will want to stay forever! Locals call Mt. Helix "The Jewel of the Hills" and you will soon see why--the gorgeous property is tucked into the verdant La Mesa hills. Architectural styles vary from townhouses to sprawling villas and every single one is a sight for sore eyes. Take in the sun on a huge p...

Rancho Sante Fe Homes for Sale at The Covenant

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Rancho Sante Fe Real Estate If you are looking for the home of your dreams in sunny California, look no further than the Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale at The Covenant. These homes are truly stunning and once you take a peak, there will be no turning back. The Covenant boasts some serious players as the neighborhood is noted as one of top ten wealthiest in the entire nation. However, with home prices starting at below one million, you won’t have to be a titan of industr...

San Diego Real Estate for Sale at Rancho Penasquitos

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Rancho Penasquitos Real Estate Homebuyers looking for an extraordinary life in the San Diego area need look no further than the homes for sale in Rancho Penasquitos. Located in the northeastern part of San Diego, this area's roads hug the rolling hills and neighborhoods follow the natural flow of the land. There are two major business centers, which cater to its high end residents, and are still available for further business development. The highly-acclaimed Po...

La Mesa Village Homes in La Jolla California

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La Jolla Properties at Windansea There are several beautiful La Mesa Village houses for sale. This fun-filled community is located downtown in San Diego, California. La Mesa Village is called the “Jewel of the Hills”, as it rests in the beautiful hills of San Diego County. The scenery is stunning, making several outdoor activities enjoyable. Walking paths, playgrounds, and parks are just a few of the places residents will go to relax or exercise. Various events are held...