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Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Market Metrics Positive

sannesm posted this 1 1,930 Views

October 2013 Market Update: The change of seasons is in full swing here in Big Bear. With a fresh few inches of snow on the ground this morning and Halloween fast approaching, fall is in effect and winter doesn't feel far off. Prior to reviewing the numbers for October, I thought I would shed some light on a number we use often in describing the Big Bear real estate market – Absorption Rate – and what this number represents. Absorption Rate: The Speed of the Market Simply put, t...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Ready to Appreciate?

sannesm posted this 2,278 Views

September 2013 Market Update: With the last few weeks of the 3rd quarter upon us, let’s check in on the how the Big Bear real estate market has fared over the summer. A Solid Increase in Average Price Big Bear Homes: Average Sales PriceAugust 2013 August 2013, as compared to August 2012, saw a solid 8% increase in average price. This was certainly an encouraging outcome as the market was looking for direction after somewhat underwhelming results in June and July (in w...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Market Cooling Off?

sannesm posted this 1 2,575 Views

August 2013 Market Update: As we head into the last weeks of summer here in Big Bear, the nights have definitely been getting cooler, but has the Big Bear real estate market been cooling off as well? Thanks for checking in with us on the state of the real estate market in Big Bear. We are happy to help and always look forward to hearing from you, so do let us know if you have any questions on the market or are interested in buying or selling real estate here in Big Bear. The overall ...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Rebound in Town

sannesm posted this 5,383 Views

July 2013 Market Update:  Thanks for checking in with us on the Big Bear real estate market – Lots to cover, so let’s dive right in: The real estate market in Big Bear showed significant progress in the first half of 2013. The recovery we have been tracking has solidified. The rebound in number of sales persists and price appreciation is underway. As compared to the first half of 2012, this year (January - June) saw a solid 17.8% increase in the number of residential sales. Interestin...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Affordability in Perspective

sannesm posted this 4,320 Views

I was reviewing some historical averages in order to put some perspective on where we stand in today’s real estate market and wanted to share with you some interesting points: Historical Trends Imply Prices are Undervalued Going back to 1989, when the average home price nationally was $95,000 and adjusting from there at the historical rate of 4% appreciation annually, the average home price now would be $231,000 – However, the national average is currently $176,600 – This implies, ...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Market Heats Up Heading into Summer

sannesm posted this 4,354 Views

May 2013 Market Update:  As we head towards summer, the Big Bear real estate market is heating up. Watching the market like I do, I have been surprised recently by the number of new homes coming to market, many with very optimistic list prices, which are selling in a matter of days. Demand and excitement in Big Bear’s real estate market is strong and growing stronger. It seems that yesterday’s market is history and the “new” market is here now, with momentum building into summer. However, as...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Market Rebound Persists ( Q1-2013)

sannesm posted this 4,946 Views

Spring has officially sprung and tax time is thankfully behind us for another year. The weather here in Big Bear has been outstanding and, having tested it myself yesterday, I am happy to report that, although still chilly, the lake is indeed ready to enjoy. Thanks for checking in with us on the Big Bear real estate market. Let’s get right to it and see how the first quarter of 2013 shaped up and what that indicates as we head into the summer selling season. Current Market Dynamics ...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Quick Shift to Seller's Market

sannesm posted this 2 5,294 Views

Hello from Big Bear and thanks for checking in with us for the latest in the Big Bear real estate market. 2013 is off to an amazing start.  Let’s run through the numbers to see what has been happening: February 2013 saw 75 closed residential sales, up 9% from February 2012. Year to date, compared to last year, we are up a substantial 25% in number of homes sold.   Sales in the hot “under $250K” price range were relatively flat last month (52 in February 2013 vs. 50 in 2012...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Prices Rise in Big Bear

sannesm posted this 1 5,934 Views

Thanks for checking in with us regarding the Big Bear real estate market. Winter is in full swing here in Big Bear with lots of snow on the ground and lots of fun to be had on the slopes. With the New Year recently underway, it is a good time to get caught up on what has transpired in our market in 2012 and what the prevalent trends tell us to expect in the year to come. Dramatic Increase in Properties Sold For the Big Bear real estate market, 2012 was a very encouraging year. Compared...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Big Bear Home Sales on the Rise

sannesm posted this 1,729 Views

The first snow of the season has finally arrived and as the snow falls, Big Bear home sales continue to rise. Let’s get caught up on the happenings in the Big Bear real estate market shall we? The number of residential homes sold in November 2012 increased 18% from a year earlier and the number of closings (107) was the highest level of any November in six years.  In fact November marked the tenth straight month that year-over-year homes sales increased in Big Bear. Year-to-date, compared...