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Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Off the Fence and Into the Market, 3Q-2012 Market Update

sannesm posted this 1 1,753 Views

Cooler temperatures and colorful trees are plentiful here in Big Bear. There is no mistaking that summer has passed and the big question now is, when will the first snow arrive? (My guess is prior to Thanksgiving.) Thanks for checking in on the Big Bear real estate market with us. There is a lot to get caught up on so let’s jump right in.  What an amazing 3rd quarter for sales we have seen. You would have to go back 7 years to 2005 to find a 3rd quarter with more residential closings tha...

Big Bear Real Estate Blog: Market is Moving in 2012

sannesm posted this 2,918 Views

Thanks for checking in with me on the Big Bear real estate market.  It is hard to believe that the first half of the year has already come and gone, but what an amazing ride it has been. There is so much to catch up on, so let’s dive right in. Over the past few months, there has been quite a lot of positive news regarding new strength in real estate markets both nationally and statewide, as well as in Southern California.  That said, it is important to realize that real estate is, in fact...

Big Bear Real Estate: Amazing State of the Interest Rate

sannesm posted this 1 2,111 Views

Reading today about the truly incredible interest rates currently available encouraged me to spread the word here.  Interest rates have been so low, for so long now, that seeing news about low rates might prompt a “great, but what is new” response.  However, rates now are so incredibly low for qualified buyers that it certainly warrants attention. Today’s Freddie Mac Survey of Lenders found that the 30-year fixed home loan rate is currently averaging 3.75% and that the 15-year fixed is at...

Big Bear Real Estate: 2012 Off to a Strong Start

sannesm posted this 2 2,465 Views

A snowy day in Spring makes it a good time to catch up on the Big Bear real estate market.  Quarter one is done – Let’s see how the Big Bear real estate market faired: 2012 has gotten off to quite an impressive start. Seasonally in Big Bear, most of the transactions done in any particular year occur in summer and fall and as such, the first quarter in Big Bear doesn’t necessarily define how the year will turn out. That said, this established momentum should not be ignored as it will certa...

Big Bear Real Estate: Spring 2012 Update – March Miracle

sannesm posted this 2,238 Views

Hello from Big Bear! Thanks for checking in with me on the Big Bear real estate market. No one was skiing in shorts on St. Patrick’s Day this year. Over two feet of new snow has fallen in the last few days, extending the winter ski season into spring. All this new snow doesn’t make it easy for potential buyers to come up and look for homes to buy, but, so far this year, we are seeing an increase in activity across the board as compared to 2011.   There are currently 549 active residential...

Big Bear Real Estate: January 2012 Price and Sales Update

sannesm posted this 2,382 Views

Thanks for checking in with me on the state of affairs in the  Big Bear real estate market. Let’s get caught up on the current market: When looking at the entire Big Bear Valley in January of this year compared to 2011, a couple numbers jump out: The year started out with a very strong month: overall, the average residential sales price increased 9.3% with the bulk of that increase coming from areas of Big Bear City (up 17.9%) and Sugarloaf (up 16.9%).  However, we also saw the average s...

Big Bear Real Estate: 2011 Year in Review

sannesm posted this 2,486 Views

Last year was another white knuckle ride for those looking to buy or sell real estate in Big Bear.  2011 was indeed an interesting year for Big Bear real estate. I heard our market described as a manic depressive’s paradise and, although that might be a slight exaggeration, it was indeed hard to pin down the momentum and direction of the market as it seemed to oscillate from, "yes, the sky is actually falling" to "let’s buy some land and start building spec homes again."  I did observe much ...

Big Bear Real Estate: Is Winter a Good Time to Buy?

sannesm posted this 2,061 Views

Hello from Big Bear! I hope you are enjoying the season and preparing to have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. We still have a bit of snow on the ground and a bit more on the way, -- it has started snowing again as I write this -- so it looks like it will indeed be a white Christmas here in Big Bear.  Let’s check in on the Big Bear real estate market shall we? As 2011 winds down, the inventory in Big Bear remains tight. There are currently 649 residential listings on our MLS, ...

Big Bear Real Estate: Prices and Sales Update, November 2011

sannesm posted this 1,745 Views

The seasons have most certainly changed here in Big Bear. Snow is on the ground from our first storm of the season and the big news in town is that both local ski resorts are now open for fun. Let’s check in on the Big Bear real estate market shall we? We are seeing an increase in demand here in Big Bear as October residential sales were up overall 13% compared to October of 2010. Much of that increase in sales came in the under $250,000 mark: there were 68 this October versus 55 in Octob...

Big Bear Real Estate: Summer Update on Prices and Sales

sannesm posted this 1,819 Views

Hello from Big Bear!  Wow, hard to believe summer has already come and gone. Hope you all enjoyed the season. Summer in Big Bear is hard to beat. Winter is still by far the busiest season for tourism with lots of folks coming up to enjoy our two fantastic ski resorts. There is certainly lots of fun and excitement to be had in the snow. But summer in Big Bear, with abundant sunny days, mild temperatures, our big public lake and miles of forest to explore, is tons-of-fun as well. Let’s get cau...