San Antono Dog-Friendly Condo List


Dog Paw PrintsI am a big-time animal lover, I am your San Antonio dog-friendly Realtor!

What if you want to buy a condo, do they even allow dogs and cats? I know pets are considered part of the family and I have started a San Antonio Dog-Friendly Condos for Sale list that identifies the amenities and services geared towards families with pets.

More and more you will see people with their faithful companion going everywhere with them, to work, to the park, to dinner, vacations, just everywhere. You will see some pet parents with their faithful dog a leash, sometimes you will see their dog or cat in their expensive designer Coach Pet carrier.

When you and your fur-babies live in the burbs in a single family home, there usually is few, if any restrictions. (Most single family homes and/or subdivisions have few if any restrictions on pets.) But when you desire the urban lifestyle, the condiminium lifestyle, one question comes up... How do I care for my pets?

Milo, My Faithful Australian ShepherdFirst off, you must also consider whether the condo has any pet restrictions that apply to your dogs and cats. Maybe they allow only small dogs and cats. Maybe they limit the pets to 1 per unit. Whatever the case, you need to know before you fall in love with a particular condo what the pet restrictions are. That is where we come in, put me and my dog Milo to work for you!

Call me your Pet Friendly Realtor, by Randy Watson at 210-744-4514


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