Unusual marketing efforts -- who has some good examples?

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It has been about 4 or 5 months ago since I learned that FHA reconizes a seperate savings account setup for newlyweds as a legitimate source of down payment funds.  The "FHA Bridal Registry" account really got my wheels turning.  I thought of sure that I would get some traffic and a few people asking me for more information after I did a blog post about it on my blog and did some Facebook PPC advertising about it. After running the test for the past 3 months though, it ...

Downtown Louisville Condos

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One of my more recent interest ( Past Couple of Years ) has been with The Downtown Louisville condo scene.  I've often wondered how I would feel about living downtown in one of the new condos and being part of the "rebirth" of Louisville's downtown. With so much going on downtown, I can easily see how I get excited about the idea.  Being within walking distance of Waterfront Park, Actors Theatre, The Center for the Arts, The Louisville Slugger Stadium, The new yet to be...

Lions and Tigers and Dedicated Servers - OH MY!

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So I'm officially on the hunt.  After working with my "reseller's" account on my current host for the past 6 or 7 years, I'm ready to make the move to a managed, dedicated server.  I'm still only running about 20 domains off my account, and I'm only pushing about 60% of my current data transfer quota, which I think is 5 GIGS a month.  It seems about time though. This move is all part of a natural progression to increase customer service.  The dedicated server ...

Nolin Lake Lots

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As the weather turns REALLY pretty here in Kentucky.  More and more people are starting to think about lake and boating season.  It seems that the waterfront lot market at Nolin is starting to mature.   Fewer and fewer waterfront lots are available for sale.  If you've been thinking about buying a lot at Nolin, don't hesitate.  As Mark Twain said "Buy land, they're not making it anymore." Start searching for Nolin Lake Lots

Rambling thoughts of an almost mindless Realtor.

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Those that know me well, know that in a not so distant past -- I was a restaurant owner.  A restaurant that specialized in all things pizza.  We also had a full bar and if the money had been better, or the employees a little bit more reliable, I would still own it.  The problem with owning a restaurant is that when everyone else is ready to play, you have to work twice as hard.  But I've never been afriad of hard work. The other day my buddy Mike tweeted about going to ...


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One of the things I love about my job as a Realtor is the personal connections with people I'm able to make every day.  Similiar to the bartender at the pub, I do my job while getting to know my clients.  I'm able to learn about little their LIFE.  What motivates them,  how their family dynamics work, etc.  It always amazes me how my clients got to their current point in life.  I guess you could say I love a good story. I'm also fortunate enough to make person...

Louisville Short Sales

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Sometimes, even when you are minding your own business, something falls in your lap.  That is what happened to me recently while I was browsing GoDaddy's expired domain auctions.  There it was, just waiting to be adopted and taken home.  I told myself I didn't really need a domain.  Domains have to be cared for.  You have to feed them with content, and watch after them and be sure that they are growing okay.  I didn't want to be one of those owners who just adop...

Nolin Lake Real Estate

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Now that the boating season is over with and the water level in Nolin Lake is dropping to winter pool -- the entire lake takes on a different look and feel.  Summer skiers and boaters are no where to be found.  All that is left are the fisherman and the people who appreciate the crisp breeze that whips across the lake.  The shorelines all look barren as the water drops, exposing rocks, limbs, debris etc, that has spent the past 6 or 7 months underwater.  If you have an af...

Google penalized for duplicate content by the Author's Guild.

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I apologize for the brevity of this post, I had a nice summary written up and the power flashed at my house and I lost the post.  Which gives me a great topic for another day... Why I need to purchase a UPS.  On to the main course. Google has settled with the Author's Guild for 125 million dollars.  Google during its "Book Search" project has currently scanned 7 MILLION, out of print, but copyrighted books.  They estimate that an additional 20 million books me...