Luxury Condos for Sale in Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Waterfront


Scottsdale Waterfront Condos

Some people say it’s impossible to have it all in a condo, but those people haven’t seen the Scottsdale Waterfront luxury homes for sale.

Built in 2007, Scottsdale Waterfront real estate has properties that fit the needs of a wide variety of consumers, from families to couples to singles. The Scottsdale Waterfront offers an abode to fit every brand and style of luxury one might desire. For those who yearn for natural beauty majestic mountains rise up in the distance over sparkling water, giving the condo community it’s namesake. The views are so clear it’s easy to imagine waking up early one morning and heading to the Cambelback Mountain and Echo Canyon regions, which offer accessible, but adventurous escapes.

Despite the natural wonder that surrounds the real estate at the Scottsdale Waterfront , the urban playground is never to far away. Over 500 shops and boutiques are close by, offering home owners easy access to everything from Louis Vitton to PF Changs. Closer to home still are the facilities available to every owner of a condo: a gym, a dining area, underground parking, lobby with concierge, and library with a Plasma Tv.

In the doubtful event that you can’t find everything you need close to home, the Scottsdale Waterfront is located close to all the major highways as well as the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. It’s hard to believe you’d ever want to leave, though, when granite floors and dark-wooded, classically European cabinets abound, framed by patios, pools and windows wide enough to catch every ray of a burnished gold Arizona sunset. Starting at just 600K$ these units are affordable as well as luxurious, and special deals are always to be found.

The Scottsdale Waterfront and the lifestyle that comes with it is waiting for you today!


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