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Essex, MD 21221 , Baltimore County, Maryland was originally begun in 1909 by the Taylor Land Company. City dwellers looked to Essex when they wanted to remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of Baltimore. The area allowed for much freedom when it came to rural activities, such as having a few animals or being able to grow a small family garden.

Essex was originally a 10 block area that encompassed the land between Mace & Marlyn Avenues. It grew quickly with the promotional materials that were utilized by the Taylor Land Co. to entice the move from the city.

The first General Store was built at the corner of Eastern and Mace Avenue by Henry Guttenberger in 1910. This site is currently the location of the Squirrels Nest Antiques. In the following few years the Taylor Land Company donated land for some churches and the fire department which opened its location in 1921-now the site of the Essex Museum.

1st General Store in Essex-corner of Eastern & Mave Ave ca 1910-Now Squirrels Nest Antiques

Essex maintained its pace of growth until 1957 when a fire destroyed a block of businesses along Eastern Avenue. The 10 alarm blaze and ensuing half-million dollars in damage slowed traffic to the downtown area. During the lengthy reconstruction, many past customers found what they considered better shopping locations at the at the newer shopping centers being built close to town.

Two major companies directly impacted the quick growth of the Essex area. Glenn L. Martin Company and Eastern Rolling Mill, Martin being the largest employer that peaked at 53,000 employees during WW II. The Martin property is now owned and operated by Lockheed Martin.

Eastern Rolling Mill, opening in 1919, produced carbon sheet steel. The company lasted to several mergers and acquisitions through the years until it shut down in the late 1990's.

Essex is now going through a major revitalization-including new streets, curbs, and garden like medians. Many neighborhoods have begun to upgrade their communities. There are several developments that have begun, especially along waterfront areas and revitalization areas.

The 2000 census shows a population of 39,078 with 16,997 housing units. There are 689 business establishments with an employee base of 7349.

According to Sperlings Best Places Average apartment rent is $950 with 41.5 % of population renting. The average home price being $219,200 with 51.4% of population owning. There is a 7% vacancy rate.

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