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Getting Them Sober is a world-wide non-profit based in Baltimore, Maryland that grew from the world wide acceptance of the book by Toby Rice Drews of the same name. This single book published in 1980 has now grown to 4 volumes and still is widely used in treatment centers and by Doctors world-wide.GTS Vol 1 

This million-seller book has endorsements from "Dear Abby" ("everyone should read this book"); Dr. Norman Vincent Peale ("helps millions of alcoholics"); and Melody Beattie, author  of 'Codependent No More' (Melody says: "Getting Them Sober is the best book for the family  of the still-drinking alcoholic").

HUNDREDS of effective suggestions for sobriety and recovery

If the family of the alcoholic changes his/her behavior as outlined in this book, the alcoholic has an 80% percent better chance to get sober.

Toby Rice Drews is the author of nine recovery books and earned her Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins. A former college professor of counseling and psychology, Ms. Drews grew up in an alcoholic family, and has worked in the field of addictions for over 30 years.

She has travelled extensively giving speeches, lectures, and seminars to train counselors in properly counseling families of alcoholics. Although she no longer does much travelling, her time is full with one-on-one counseling, writing, training professionals and the daily operstion of this outstanding Foundation. 

The "Getting Them Sober" television series (which is also a video that is freely distributed by the nonprofit "Getting Them Sober" Foundation) is also available free of charge to all TV stations. Both the television format and the video version are also available in closed-captioning for the hearing impaired.

46% of American families have alcoholism. The Getting Them Sober Foundation's mission is to produce and distribute FREE television programs guiding these families to immediate local help; and to produce and distribute FREE video versions for graduate and professional schools in nursing, medicine, law, and social work -- to teach helping professionals effective methods to aid these families. We will also create and distribute free Spanish versions of these shows for Hispanic communities.

The programs will show the true nature of the crazy-making that happens in alcoholic families -- crazy-making that the rest of the world does not see or understand -- and will provide practical solutions and immediate help for these families. (Of course, no 12-Step tradition will be violated. Anonymity will be respected.)

" is one of the best websites on... recovery... out of hundreds of websites on that issue on the internet" - America Online (from the Jan/Feb issue of AOL's magazine,  

The Getting Them Sober Forum is the best place to meet and talk with others struggling through many of the same situations. Ms Drews works on the forum daily and offers much helpful insight and advice from her many years of counseling.

The Foundation regularly takes both tax deductible monetary and merchandise donations. The merchandise is handled either through ebay sales or the exclusive donation and sales location at CNS Trading Company in Rosedale, 21237, and the NEW Mini-Mall inEssex, Maryalnd, 21221. Merchandise, Large or Small, can be scheduled for pickup anywhere in the Greater Baltimore and surrounding areas. Call 410-243-8352 for more information or to schedule pickup.

"We need contributions to help us spread our message." States Ms Drews. Just think -- more than 100 MILLION AMERICANS need the knowledge this Foundation can provide. Battered children and battered wives, anyone living with the craziness and emotional hurts of family alcoholism, those who have lost their homes because of a partner's untreated addiction to alcohol -- millions suffering daily torments are desperate for help, yet few know where to turn.

The Getting Them Sober Foundation has answers for these sufferers. Your contribution -- whether it is $25 or $25,000 -- will greatly help these families. They need not stay stuck feeling helpless and hopeless. Through the Foundation's programs, men, women, and children everywhere can discover the help available right at home in their own areas, and lives can be turned around and families made whole.

My background working as a Police Officer put me in many situations where I saw the devastating effects on the families of alcoholics. Now as a Realtor in Baltimore, I have the opportunity to help support this great Foundation. Working both as a volunteer, as needed, and donateing  10% of referred commissions to this very worthy cause.

There are several ways that you can aid the Getting Them Sober Foundation:

Direct Monetary Donation Through the website or mail

Merchandise Donation-all types of merchandise including good useable furniture can be made at the CnS Trading Company at 8430 Philadelphia Rd, Rosedale, 21237 or the New Essex Location at 138 Back River Neck Rd 21221(Limited Hours-call 410-391-1111

Buy books in quantity-If you have a store or other outlet you may buy at a deep discount for resale

If you are, or know, someone that is thinking of selling their home or wants to buy a new home-you may contact me and if they untilize my services, I will donate 10% of my commission directly to the Getting Them Sober Foundation.

Please help me in supporting the efforts of the Getting Them Sober Foundation. They are struggling to help as many of the needy families as they can. It has become quite expensive to send out all of the information that gets requested on a daily basis-So any help that you can offer is totally tax deductible and, of course, greatly appreciated by the Foundation and those families that you help!

Stephen Luckett-Fairfax Realty

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