So you want to buy a real estate web site

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It’s hard to believe, but as the month of November has nearly come and gone, my primary real estate website,, has now been live for 3 full years. It’s been a long and challenging road towards creating and sustaining one of Chicago’s top producing real estate websites, but with the help of so many creative and talented people, I’ve successfully accomplished just that. It was the summer of 2009 when I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to rise to the top...

So the agent says Ben Dover...

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We’ve all heard of people having funny names that allow for others to make jokes at their expense. Classic examples are “Harry Butts” and “Barb Wire,” but list goes on and on. Normally, I wouldn’t even bother with a joke or even give it a second thought when running into someone with a name that’s all too humorous; however, when I happen to see someone working in the real estate profession with this type of “problem,” I can’t help but pay closer attention. Given that a real estate agent must...

Just another day in the life of a Realtor

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As a professional Realtor in downtown Chicago, there can be a lot of preparation that goes into showing a Streeterville high-rise condo or an immaculate Lincoln Park townhome. Whether it’s arranging a time that fits both mine and the buyer’s schedule or making sure the property is “show-ready,” I prefer to have every minor detail worked out well before it’s time to show off some of Chicago’s best real estate. Sure, it may sound a bit tedious but maybe that’s just my personality. S...

Who's the last owner occupied condo in Chicago ?

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There’s a new trend going on in Chicago’s new construction real estate market and it isn't one that is all that inviting to many buyers investing in such developments. By now, you've probably read or heard about some of the controversy regarding developer bankruptcy and large-scale buyouts of the remaining units currently for sale in high profile projects. Some of these horror stories include a non-for-profit group buying and converting 19 unsold units at 659 West Randolph into ...

Chicago transfer stamps hit foreclosures

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A Deceiving Revenue Source Taking advantage of the lower pricing that foreclosure homes typically offer may be getting slightly tougher for homebuyers in the near future. The Chicago Finance Committee has approved a proposal that would enforce banks and mortgage lenders to pay a transfer tax on all properties seized through foreclosure. Previously, lenders were exempt from these taxes and it was paid for by both the buyers and sellers of the transaction. On the surface, this proposal see...

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