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It has never been a better time in the real estate market to purchase a home in Midway, Utah than now. Over the past four years, home values have dropped significantly in the area. It is just in the end of 2011 when we began to see the value of homes begin to increase in the area again. A smart homeowner expects the value of his home to increase over time. If your looking to make a healthy return on the purchase of you house, take a closer look at the area.

The small town is the perfect location for your first or second home. If you are looking to escape the noise, congestion, and mayhem of Salt Lake City, this quiet suburb is speaking to you. The quaint town has a population of more than four thousand residents. Most of them being highly educated, as over ninety three percent of the population over twenty-five have high school degrees.

Many residents of Utah call Midway home due to the incredibly low property taxes. While Utah in general has very low real-estate tax, Midway comes in under the state average at as low as .4%! The cost of living is also below the national average, making this town an economical powerhouse.

Home values are vast, and there is a variety of both affordable and upscale luxury housing. The average property for sale in Midway, Utah is currently a smudge above 250,000 dollars; while the average home is worth upwards of 350,000 dollars. The mile high city spans a hair under three and a half square miles, and is about an hours drive away from Salt Lake City, Utah.

The beautiful town is a sanctuary to lovers of the outdoors. The scenic landscapes can be explored by driving just a few minutes outside of town. The vast desert leads way to a bounty of recreational sports. The desert sands are a dream come true to dirt bikers, off roaders, and campers alike. If you are looking to get back in touch with nature in your new home, there are not many better places to purchase real estate than Midway.

If your looking for and excellent investment opportunity, as well as a care free lifestyle, Midway, Utah is an excellent place to begin your search for a new home. Explore what you have been missing out on today.

Ben Fisher is an Agent at Summit Sotheby's International Realty in Park City, UT. Serving Park City Real Estate & Deer Valley Real Estate.


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