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Spoken Gently

High-Quality Living: Homes for Sale in Richland Washington

Spoken Gently posted this 366 Views

Homes for sale in Richland, Washington are in demand for a reason. Located at the junction of the Columbia and Yakima Rivers, Richland is a lovely city in Southeastern Washington that boasts of diverse natural amenities and fabulous quality of life.Diverse AttractionsThanks to its exceptional climate and topography, Richland offers many attractions for nature lovers, golf buffs and wine connoisseurs.Located on the edge of the city, the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve provides a spectacul...

Why You Should Look for Homes for Sale in Kennewick, Washington

Spoken Gently posted this 342 Views

If you are looking for homes for sale in Kennewick Washington, you’re making a wise choice. Kennewick is located in scenic Southeastern Washington State, with virtually year-round sunny climate and brimming with natural amenities. A major tourist attraction, Kennewick lies in the heart of Washington wine country, boasting of over 160 wineries within a 50 mile radius. This lovely city straddles the Columbia River and the famous Lewis and Clark Trail, providing a variety of recreational ...

Tri-Cities Washington: Another Reason to Relocate to Kennewick, Richland, or Pasco

Spoken Gently posted this 1,527 Views

Relocation to Tri-Cities Washington has never been more desirable. Once again in the news Inman has selected Tri-Cities as one of the top 10 places in the United States to grow over the next decade with expected population increases of 35%. Tri Cities Washington is the place to be with great schools, plenty of employment, and plenty of real estate appreciation. What more can one want and ask for in a place to live? In the article, "Top 10 Real Estate Boomtowns: 2020," Inman News uses da...

Finley Washington Homes, Something For Everyone

Spoken Gently posted this 1,146 Views

The city of Finley Washington is a place many choose when looking to buy a home and move into this region of the Columbia Basin because of the diversity found in the city, the wide-open spaces, and the close proximity to shopping and recreational amenities. Finley Washington is home to a diverse population of people with a wide range of home styles, making the search for the perfect home achievable. Along with the varying home styles fit for any price range, houses in Finley Washington are s...

West Richland Washington Homes | Great Location, Great Amenities

Spoken Gently posted this 1,418 Views

Many choose to buy homes in the West Richland Washington area for a variety of reasons, a few of the biggest being the close proximity to shopping facilities, recreational amenities, and the country feel. Residents of West Richland Washington aren’t far from shopping facilities, West Richland is home to two grocery stores, Home Depot, a few clothing stores, and a few restaurants plus other local businesses. Nearby in the surrounding cities residents can find the Columbia Center Mall, Costco,...

Benton City Washington Homes and Real Estate

Spoken Gently posted this 1,337 Views

Most folks would think of Benton City Washington as a small, peaceful farming town with much land within the city. However, Benton City has many fun activities such as the Benton City Daze, Lion’s Club Fourth of July activities with extensive fireworks, Easter egg hunts, and many other events. Also, most of Benton City land is has irrigated orchards, vineyards, hayfields, pastures, and acreage,- lots of room to grow and get established. Benton City has little to no stop lights, so you ...

1000s of Free Images Available To Us Courtesy of Yale University

Spoken Gently posted this 1,060 Views

I was recently turned on to Yale University's vast archive of images of which Yale has placed into the public domain. From the Yale Daily Bulletin: "The goal of the new policy is to make high quality digital images of Yale's vast cultural heritage collections in the public domain openly and freely available." And, "Scholars, artists and other individuals around the world will enjoy free access to online images of millions of objects housed in Yale's museums, archives, and libraries th...

Tri City Washington Homes | All Sorts Of Stuff To Do!

Spoken Gently posted this 2 1,229 Views

Buying a home in Tri Cities Washington means living in the best community around. Many claim their community is the best, but the Tri Cities can prove it. Over the past year the Tri Cities has been ranked as the best or in the top 10 in several different studies. Some of these studies include Best Place to Raise a Family, Best Place to Begin a Second Career and Best Performing Metro Area, to name a few. If these rankings are not enough to make a person want to buy a home in the Tri Cities, t...

Benton City Washington Homes and Land: The Draw of Wineries

Spoken Gently posted this 1,022 Views

Benton city homes and land are a draw for many, as Benton City Washington is a charming city nestled in the heart of Washington Wine Country. Benton City is home to several wineries and vineyards giving Benton City a kind of Tuscany appeal. Many people enjoy Benton City because of how close the wineries are and the wide open spaces Benton City includes. There are over 150 wineries surrounding the Benton City area, all within 50 miles. Benton City homes are situated on larger plots of land al...

2011 Commencement Address by Denzel Washington

Spoken Gently posted this 2,590 Views

The actor Denzel Washington recently spoke at the University of Pennsylvania's 255th commencement (The Class of 2011). His address is nothing short of inspirational. Not only for the graduates who heard it, but for any one us looking for inspiration to succeed in real estate. Well worth the time to watch, as Denzel Washington is not only entertaining, but motivating as well...