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The Essential 2007 Code Optimization Tutorial for SEO

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Do you want to get the traffic you deserve flooding into your website? Code optimization is an essential component of the search engine optimization process and if you aren't technically minded then it can be difficult to get your head round. This guide is meant for beginners and more advanced webmasters alike. A shallow knowledge of HTML coding is useful, however, it is not necessary. Optimizing your code can be done by simply opening your html document in a text editor and changing diffe...

Internal Linking More Important Than External Inbound Links?

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This morning, I came across this article regarding the strength of an internal linking structure and RSS includes.  This author claims internal linking is much more relevant than many forms of inbound links.  Here is a quote from the article: "I'm going to step out on a limb here and suggest that internal linking matters more than reciprocal links, possibly more than social media links such as Digg and Del.icio.us links matter and maybe even as much as (j...

Link Pages, State Pages Dead?

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There has been much discussion lately on the relevance of state pages and/or link pages as "relocation" resources for consumers looking for real estate.  In the latest Marketing Tips newsletter put out by Advanced Access, here is an excerpt from an interview with Greg Boser: Advanced Access: Many real estate agents are still linking to other agent sites around the country...continuing the belief that those types of reciprocal links are keeping them high in the searc...

Marketing for Lesser Known Keywords and Keyphrases

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When I started down the road of SEO, initially I applied search optimization theories to the keywords and phrases that everyone in my area sought #1 ranking for.  After what seemed an eternity of time, I gave up on these competitive terms and phrases and went after less searched-for phrases and keywords.  Getting ranked for these 'longtails' as the industry calls these less searched phrases, came much easier.  In the meantime, wouldn't ya know it, I got the ...

Link Friendly Site

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Lately, there has been a number of instances whereby a potential link exchange partner asks for an exchange.  I check the person's site to make sure it is relevant, trustworthy, etc., only to find a mess.  Here is a great article about what makes a site link friendly.  Posted two days ago by Seomoz's Randfish. Joe and Colleen Lane are Southeast Washington State Realtors® specializing in Real Estate Tri Cities WA buyer/seller services for Kennewick Real Estate, Richla...

Quality OUTBOUND Links

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I've been reading a lot lately on the importance of who we are linking out to creates a picture of authority and credibility in the search engine's eyes.   The term bantered about is "Co-Citation."  Personally, I've been linking out to authority sites like Wiki, my local chamber of commerce, etc., when adding content, writing blogs, etc.   Here and here are a couple of articles I've read lately that discuss outbound links a...

4 Sources of Links

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I found this article on linking.  As linking is probably half our work in ranking our sites, this article breaks down linking into four types: your internal navigational links, the links you give yourself from other sites, the links you ask other sites to give you, and lastly, the links other sites choose to give you.  What I found interesting about this article, is the author's emphasis on the internal navigational links.  To read more, click here. Joe and Colleen Lane ...

Home loan tips to avoid being conned by home mortgage companies

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When you get a home loan, you're number one goal should be to pay off that loan as quickly as possible. Obviously, you don't have any real equity in the house as long as you're just paying interest. And the way these loans are set up, you're paying little more than interest for the first several years. In other words, if you get a 30-year loan, you can make three or four years of payments and end up only having a few hundred dollars worth of equity in your house. That's the way the loans are...

Mortgage meltdown kicks in as sub-prime lenders collapse under weight of bad loans.

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Federal regulators are currently investigating the policies of a large number of major U.S. Lenders - including New Century Financial Corporation and Fremont General Corporation - to determine whether impropriety was used in their business practices. National home loan policies are also being reviewed in an attempt to limit risks to both the borrower and the lending institution. What you need to know - Conventional View• New Century is the second largest U.S. subprime-mortgage lender, havi...

Press Release Tools

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Are you considering a press release for your real estate website?  Here is a compilation of tools by Stuntdubl.com  Read Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XVII - Press Release Tools Washington State Resources: Western United States Pacific Northwest Inland Empire State Government Kennewick Washington