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4 Sources of Links

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I found this article on linking.  As linking is probably half our work in ranking our sites, this article breaks down linking into four types: your internal navigational links, the links you give yourself from other sites, the links you ask other sites to give you, and lastly, the links other sites choose to give you.  What I found interesting about this article, is the author's emphasis on the internal navigational links.  To read more, click here. Joe and Colleen La...

Home loan tips to avoid being conned by home mortgage companies

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When you get a home loan, you're number one goal should be to pay off that loan as quickly as possible. Obviously, you don't have any real equity in the house as long as you're just paying interest. And the way these loans are set up, you're paying little more than interest for the first several years. In other words, if you get a 30-year loan, you can make three or four years of payments and end up only having a few hundred dollars worth of equity in your house. That's the way the loans are...

Mortgage meltdown kicks in as sub-prime lenders collapse under weight of bad loans.

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Federal regulators are currently investigating the policies of a large number of major U.S. Lenders - including New Century Financial Corporation and Fremont General Corporation - to determine whether impropriety was used in their business practices. National home loan policies are also being reviewed in an attempt to limit risks to both the borrower and the lending institution. What you need to know - Conventional View• New Century is the second largest U.S. subprime-mortgage lender, hav...

Press Release Tools

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Are you considering a press release for your real estate website?  Here is a compilation of tools by Stuntdubl.com  Read Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XVII - Press Release Tools Washington State Resources: Western United States Pacific Northwest Inland Empire State Government Kennewick Washington

Duplicate Content Myth, Part 2

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In response to Friday's blog entry regarding Jill Whalen's Duplicate Content Myth, naturalsearchblog discusses additional ramifications that Jill Whalen missed on her duplicate content penalty article.  Naturalsearchblog goes on to list examples.  Read on here. Washington State Resources: Central Washington State Eastern Washington State State of Washington Western Washington State

Duplicate Content Myth

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In the REW forum, as well as most forums, the "Duplicate Content Penalty" gets bantered about on a fairly regular basis.  Here is an article posted yesterday by Jill Whalen that gives about a good an overview that I've read on the subject.  Read on! Washington State Resources: Northwest Inland Empire Prosser City Washington State of Washington Washington State City Governments

Inbound Link Development

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Inbound link development ~ A discussion among 5 experts in the field of SEO during a group interview.  Read on to see how these folks answer the following five questions.  As real estate agents, pay particular attention to question #5: Question One: What are the factors you would take into account before buying a link from a directly contacted site (not a link broker or seller)? Question Two: In sectors where links are particularly tough to come by (retail, B2B in b...

How to Create Your First Blog

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I've been blogging now for about 2 years, and I'm amazed at the amount of traffic that I get from my blog and the number of people who tell me that they first heard about me from my blog instead of my website.  The word blog is derived from the term "web log", or an online diary or journal.  If the HBO series Sex and the City were being filmed today, Carrie Bradshaw would be a blogger as well as a columnist, I think.  Why?  As she experiences her revelations abo...

6 Deadly Sins of SEO Sites

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So you have seen the hundreds of SEO consultancies out there, every man and his dog are now experts in the field of SEO but lets look at their sites and check for the deadly sins. I’m not going to name names but some of the biggest SEO companies fail these really simple steps for well optimised pages. But what are the deadly sins, well read on…[more] Washington State Resources: Richland Washington Pasco Washington West Richland Washington ...

Fake PR ~ How To Detect Fake Page Rank

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Have you considered purchasing a link from a website for traffic or search engine positioning?  Well, you need to be aware of page rank being faked and how to detect it.  Here is a great source for how to detect a fake page rank: DETECTING FAKE  PR Once you've read the piece about fake PR, here is a place you can test it out on: FAKE PR SITE Another great source for detecting fake page rank is here and here.    :o) Resources for Washington Sta...