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SEO Real Estate Shortcuts ~ Links for Launch

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The right links will check all the boxes that make up an ideal link - they will be from relevant sources and pass PR, trust and authority to your website.  However, some elements of trust and authority can only be earned over time. Your links will need to age, your domain name will also need to age.  Do not let this deter you in acquiring quality links. Rather, use this as an incentive - the earlier you get those big-hitting links, the quicker they will mature and help you get thos...

24 On-site Real Estate SEO Checkups

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Although this will seem, to many of you, a very generic list of real estate SEO on-site tips, you may be surprised to see how many SEO consultants and web developers overlook or forget these basic steps when launching a new site. These twenty- four On-site search engine optimisation checkups/tips can assure that any link building / link baiting efforts that will be made will give great results...[more]. Joe and Colleen Lane are Southeast Washington State Realtors® specializing in Real...

A Home Is Bigger Than Your Use For It

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This simple tip can be one of the most powerful in the staging process as it simply says that while you may not have a use for that small nook of the kitchen that you don’t currently have furnished, a potential home buyer might. Furnishing it with borrowed or moved furniture can show off another one of the ways your home can be utilized, even if it is not something that you chose to do in your ownership of the property. You will quickly find that a home sale and staging has little to do w...

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog, from a 12-year old!

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In this article discover the methods a 12-year old uses to drive traffic to his blog without spending money.  The 12-year old, David Wilkerson, has become quite the celebrity.  David has been featured on the BBC, and you can read about it here.  Darren Rouse of Problogger invites David to write about David's methods for driving traffic to his site.  You can read about it here. The Lane Real Estate Team services the Tri City Wa Real Estate area.  Visit our real est...

The Real Estate Auction

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An auction of a property can have numerous benefits in today's climate of high divorce rates or dissolving partnerships. Each party may think it to expensive to hold onto the property, and a quick division can help them to move on in their lives. A guaranteed sale within a specific period of time is often needed when business partners go their separate ways. And an auction can achieve this. Those who have inherited a property also tend to be keen for a quick sale. An auction is suited to...

Enormous List of How-to SEO Articles

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I found this page of How-to SEO articles on CornwallSEO.com's blog site. Here is the start of the page, as well as the link: "I thought I would gather some of the great how to seo lists around, they are great for newbies but also crusty old seos can learn a thing or two as well. The list was culled from del.icio.us using “seo” as the search term. I then threw out tools and links to front pages only and a bunch of other stuff...[the list]" The Lane Real Estate Team se...

The Story of Google's Sergey Brin

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How the Moscow-Born entrepreneur cofounded and changed the way the world searches. It takes a bit of searching to find Sergey Brin’s office at the Googleplex. Tucked away in a corner of Building #43 on this sprawling campus near the southern tip of San Francisco Bay, past rows of colorfully decorated cubicles and dorm-like meeting spaces, Office 211 has a nondescript exterior and sits far from the public eye. Although it takes several twists and turns to get there, his office is n...

10 Likely Elements of Google’s Local Search Algorithm

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Several of us have been involved in a lot of discussion about why the same search produces different results between Google Maps and Google.com. The recent expansion of the Google Maps Onebox on Google.com makes local search optimization much more important than it was before this new display was implemented widely on Google.com. Now, whether you have a web site or not, a business that Google ranks highly in Google Maps can get dramatic exposure thanks to last month’s change. How dr...

If Content is King, Why Isn't Your Real Estate Website Quickly Ascending the Throne?

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As real estate agents we want our sites to rank well in the search engines. If "Content is King", so the mantra goes, and you have filled your site with content, where are the search engines? I've gone for my area's key real estate phrases, however, I've adjusted and now focus my efforts on the obscure phrases that constitute as much as 90% of my traffic. Here is an except from an article that discusses the concept of optimizing pages for specific search terms:  "E...

Do Real Estate Blogs Really Build Business?

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Is a blog today’s must-have in the real estate business? Some proponents say yes. St. Paul, Minn., practitioner Teresa Boardman says she has closed six transactions since May for clients who found her through her blog, www.StPaulRealEstateBlog.com, and she's currently working with six more prospects. One of them lives in France. She suspects that some practitioners don’t have success with the Internet because their Web sites are too mundane. To grab prospects' attention, your Web sit...

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