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Benton City Washington

Experience Tuscany, Homes For Sale Benton City Washington

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Prepare to be transported to ‘Tuscany’ if you are looking for homes for sale in Benton City, Washington. Benton City may be located in the Eastern Washington sage “desert” area, but it actually lies in a fertile, green bend of the Yakima River, giving this small, picturesque town long Indian summers and moderate winters, with virtually year-round sunny weather. Breathtaking Views, Rich VineyardsBenton City is called “a little Tuscany”, a reference to the s...

West Richland Washington Homes | Great Location, Great Amenities

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Many choose to buy homes in the West Richland Washington area for a variety of reasons, a few of the biggest being the close proximity to shopping facilities, recreational amenities, and the country feel. Residents of West Richland Washington aren’t far from shopping facilities, West Richland is home to two grocery stores, Home Depot, a few clothing stores, and a few restaurants plus other local businesses. Nearby in the surrounding cities residents can find the Columbia Center Mall, Costco,...

Benton City Washington Homes and Real Estate

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Most folks would think of Benton City Washington as a small, peaceful farming town with much land within the city. However, Benton City has many fun activities such as the Benton City Daze, Lion’s Club Fourth of July activities with extensive fireworks, Easter egg hunts, and many other events. Also, most of Benton City land is has irrigated orchards, vineyards, hayfields, pastures, and acreage,- lots of room to grow and get established. Benton City has little to no stop lights, so you ...

Benton City Washington Homes and Land: The Draw of Wineries

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Benton city homes and land are a draw for many, as Benton City Washington is a charming city nestled in the heart of Washington Wine Country. Benton City is home to several wineries and vineyards giving Benton City a kind of Tuscany appeal. Many people enjoy Benton City because of how close the wineries are and the wide open spaces Benton City includes. There are over 150 wineries surrounding the Benton City area, all within 50 miles. Benton City homes are situated on larger plots of land al...