Jim Joyce, Armando Galarraga's Utter Disappointment And The Classiest Acts That Followed


In case you have missed this, Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers had a perfect game into the 9th inning last night. For those who are not baseball fans, a perfect game is when a pitcher faces 27 batters in 9 innings, and none of them reach first base. This feat has only been done 20 times in baseball history. Well, the 27th batter, of which would have been the final batter, got to first base on a bad umpire call. Click the image below for the replay. What I found remarkable is after umpire Jim Joyce saw the replays, admitted he was wrong and apologized to pitcher Armando Galarraga. Not only did Galarraga accept Joyce's apology, but did so graciously and with a smile on his face. It is unfortunate Armando Galarraga missed his perfect game, but the responses by both Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga are priceless, true examples of class and sportsmanship.

Umpire Jim Joyce meets Armando Galarraga at home plate today, shakes hands.

Armando Galarraga Misses Perfect Game

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