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Tri-Cities Washington: Another Reason to Relocate to Kennewick, Richland, or Pasco

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Relocation to Tri-Cities Washington has never been more desirable. Once again in the news Inman has selected Tri-Cities as one of the top 10 places in the United States to grow over the next decade with expected population increases of 35%. Tri Cities Washington is the place to be with great schools, plenty of employment, and plenty of real estate appreciation. What more can one want and ask for in a place to live? In the article, "Top 10 Real Estate Boomtowns: 2020," Inman News uses dat...

Tri Cities Washington Ranked Lowest Cost Of Living | Stable Real Estate Market To Continue?

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Whether a young couple starting out, a retiring couple looking for a place to settle down, a starving college student looking to survive, or just anyone looking to save some money, Tri-Cities Washington is the place to live! The Tri-Cities has recently been ranked number 1 out of 350 communities in the Pacific Northwest by the ACCRA Cost of Living Index as the least expensive place to live. The Tri-Cities was given an index rating of 88.9 during the third quarter; down from 89.9 in the secon...

Today Show Housing Market Video | Psychology of Financial Strain

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The Washington Post recently reported that the emotional and financial strain of the housing market has become so rough, it’s on par with divorce, and even death. TODAY’s Barbara Corcoran and psychologist Jeff Gardere explains how to lessen the burden and turn your house into a source of revenue:

Sheriff Suspends Renter Evictions

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CNN reports today that "An outraged sheriff in Illinois who refuses to evict "innocent" renters from foreclosed homes criticized mortgage companies Thursday and said the law should protect victims of the mortgage meltdown. Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff Thomas J. Dart says too many renters are being evicted for landlords' problems, and he is suspending foreclosure evictions in Cook County, which includes the city of Chicago. The county had been on track to reach a record numbe...

Tri Cities Washington | Best United States Small Cities List

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Tri Cities Washington is ranking again! This time, the Tri Cities of Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco, Washington are 29th on the top 124 list of America's Best Small Cities list, up 40 spots from last year's position. The rankings are based on the metro area's ability to sustain employment and economic growth.   Related: Milkin Institute's 2008 Best Performing Small Cities | Tri Cities Job Market Expected To Stay Strong

Quarterly Home Prices Drop Show Largest Decrease In History

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Today, the AP reports second quarter home prices drop the largest since the inception of Standard & Poor's Case/Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index. The drop is 15.4 percent lower than last year. I'm reminded of this blog entry! The Tri Cities Washington market, however, is maintaining property values. Actually, Washington state as a whole, isn't too bad either! Never a better time to buy property in the Tri Cities than now! Related: Standard & Poor/Case Shiller Home Pri...

Real Estate Failure and the Domino Effect On The United States Economy

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For years I've been concerned with the direction our country is headed. With the recent mortgage industry problems my concerns have increased. I read an article about The Coming Financial Collapse of America where the author outlines the future collapse of America largely as a result of the domino effect the real estate industry is creating. In the article, Mike Adams makes a prediction for 2008-2012: "My prediction for 2008 - 2012 is a massive wave of municipal bankruptcies, state ...

Eastern Washington Home Prices Continue To Increase Bucking National Trends

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The Washington Association of REALTORS® released a press release stating Washington home prices are rising. Here is an excerpt from the press release (bold added for emphasis): “All real estate markets are unique. We shouldn’t be surprised that Washington State is bucking national trends,” said Dennis Rose, 2007 president of the Washington Realtors. “In order to make smart home-buying decisions, now more than ever it’s important to work with a professional REALTOR® who is familiar with t...

Alejandre v. Bull | Washington Real Estate Seller Disclosure Statement

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In Alejandre v. Bull the Washington Supreme Court (March, 2007) sided with the seller and did not allow the buyer to sue for damages for the seller's misrepresentation of the seller's disclosure statement. In this case, the seller knowingly gave the buyer a faulty septic tank. To read more about the case, Attorney Russell G. Cofano does a great job of summarizing Alejandre v. Bull. What I want to do is discuss the implication of Alejandre v. Bull on the new forms coming out in October for W...

Washington Real Estate | Wenatchee Real Estate Tops Among Cities with Fastest Growing Home Price...

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Yes, you have read it correctly, cities in Washington state are among the cities in the United States with the fastest growing home prices. Our Wenatchee is the #1 city in the country with the fastest growing home prices. Among the top twenty markets in the country are Washington's Longview real estate market (6th), Seattle metro area real estate market (17th), Tacoma real estate market (19th), and the Spokane real estate market (20th). From the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversi...