Richland's Atomic Amber Microbrew


The one and only Atomic Amber Microbrew is a product of Richland Washington's Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery. Like all great North American amber ales, Atomic Amber Microbrew is a beer that has a color ranging from pale copper to a light brown. The ale gains its distinct character from the American-variety of hops that produce a high level of bitterness, flavor and aRichland Brewery medium to high aroma. On the medium to high side of maltiness, Atomic Amber has medium to low caramel features.

With a medium to a medium-high body, Atomic Amber Microbrew has a slightly fruity flavor and accompanying aroma. This reflects the abundant fresh fruit agriculture of the Columbia Basin region. Its butter-like character is not overt, and a slight yeast haze is to be expected for the bottle-conditioned products.

North American craftbrewers in the Richland Washington area have been working diligently since the early 1980s to preserve the classic beer styles of yesteryear. Adapting their selected styles and creating new ones in the process, has led to the taste fusion of beers like the Atomic Amber Microbrew. This amber ale highlights American innovation with old school techniques.

Many have commented on the Atomic Amber Microbrew as having a light malt taste with fruit flavored overtones. And it is a great beer to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon or to enjoy with a fresh salad and steak dinner.

The craftbreweries of the Richland Wa area are a thriving industry in the agricultural belt girdled by the mighty Columbia River. Together with other small production breweries in the Tri-City Atomic Amber Microbrewarea, Atomic Amber Microbrew is one of the finest beer products that are competing with nearby Yakima Valley vineyards.

The Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery, located on Lee Boulevard, houses a small bar with a view of the three-barrel brewing system. This comfy rest-stop provides a cozy dining section with walls displaying an assortment of photos, fliers and other effects from West Richland's Hanford Nuclear Facility. The President and Brewmaster of the pubs Atomic Amber Microbrew is Aaron Burks. He produces a variety of Atomic Amber products whose shelf-life tends to be measured in weeks, not decades.

The Atomic Ale Brewpub provides an indoor smoke-free environment and an outdoor covered patio section. The ambiance is one of relaxation and gustatory delight, and the food and beers are plentiful and tasty. Burks is considering plans to extend production to produce an annual 700-barrel system. He is also part of a lobbying group set to improve the current constraining Washington State laws required for multiple liquor licenses. Burks also owns the Monterosso's Italian Restaurant which also serves the classic Atomic Amber Microbrew. The Brewpub and Eatery are open Monday-Thursday from 11am-10pm, and Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.

The distinctive full-bodied taste of the malt-hop balance of Atomic Amber Microbrew compliments almost any cuisine. Try it with garlic and pepperoni pizza, a half-pound burger, a crispy salad or a hot roast beef sandwich. The ale also goes well with cheddar, dry aged Richland Washington Brewerycheeses and smoked varieties. Atomic Amber Microbrew is a must have for Mexican or Hispanic foods.

Local beers will always be the freshest of ales, so when traveling through the Richland Washington region treat yourself to the Atomic Amber products of a microbrewery near you.

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