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I read this article yesterday and thought about posting a blog entry about it. Well, the article came across my desk today, this time from another source, so I thought it best to suggest it. The article is Search Engine Land's Top Ten Organic SEO Myths. At first, the myths seem fairly Search Engine Landstraight forward bringing no new news with them, however, as I thought about the myths, I find myself guilty of subtly subscribing to some of them. For instance, I find myself updating pages for the sake of search engine optimization. My pages certainly need work, however, the motive should be for the visitor, not the search engine. Another point I toiled with was the point regarding sitemaps. Sitemaps are helpful, however, I am guilty of relying on them too much for the purpose of indexing.

For the remainder of the points please consider reading the article. Report back if you find yourself guilty of relying on one or more of the myths. BTW, Search Engine Land's blog is a great source of SEO information. Click on the image if interested.

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Does anybody really know the answers?

Spoken Gently

I think God does, however, I believe Google has an algorithm in place for that. :)


LOL! -- there were some great comments on that post and I have to agree with some of them.

Morgan Carey

Lol - the article should have been called top 10 things I didn't learn or test for myself and am just repeating others words because I am a parrot - I can't stand Jill Whalen, she annoys the heck out of me. Although there is likely a lot of truth in many things posted in that article - they don't come from experience, they come from regurgitating the words of others - Sorry for the hijack Joe - :)

Spoken Gently

Thanks for the comments folks. Morgan, keep in mind most of what anybody knows is garnered from some place else. Heck, I have a college degree of nothing but information I garnered from other places! However, I think what you are saying is Jill Whalen is getting the information from other sources then implying credit for being the originator of the information. If that is the case, I can understand your dislike of her material.

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