Check Out The One-Story Property in Gilbert, AZ


1 Story Real Estate for Sale in Gilbert, AZ

Located in beautiful Maricopa county, one-story homes for sale in Gilbert, AZ are more attractive and inexpensive than ever!

Gilbert is the perfect location for working couples and families, as well as bachelors! Located just a short drive from Phoenix, Gilbert offers all the conveniences of city living with the serenity and cleanliness of the suburbs. And as one of the fastest growing modern American communities, Gilbert is home to innovative energy technology, with a focus on renewable, environmentally friendly energy.

Gilbert is also one of the most pet and animal-friendly communities on the West Coast! Cosmo Dog Park, located in Gilbert, has been featured in Dog Fancy magazine, not once but twice! Gilbert is also a short drive from more than 7 state and national parks, including the world famous Grand Canyon. Parts of Gilbert have also been named by the National Auduban Society as wonderful birding areas.Inspire your children with the wonder of nature!

For those actively inclined, Gilbert has a number of softball, basketball and volleyball leagues to help you keep in shape and be active inside your new community. Whether you're looking to start a business or a family, there are no better places to begin than the beautiful Gilbert, Arizona.


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