Buying a Metro Denver Home

Tips for those seeking to purchase a metro Denver home.

Buying A House That Will Retain Its Value

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 There is no guarantee that a house that you buy today will be worth as much or more when you come to sell it in the future. House prices can go down. Although you cannot be certain what will happen to the value of your home, there are a few choices you can make when you select a property to purchase which can help to increase the chance of your house retaining or increasing its value.   The longer you keep hold of a property, the more difficult it becomes to predict how its...

Real Estate Inspection's Protect Buyers

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You think you have found the perfect house, and you are ready to sign the paperwork, the agency says you have to wait for the inspection. Waiting for the inspection may seem redundant you have seen the house several times, and it looks fantastic. Only what you see is not always the only thing you get, there are hidden issues in many homes that only a trained inspector can detect. Once they have signed off on a house, is the only time you can be sure your new home holds no surprises.  ...