Happy Holidays to Everyone


It was a GREAT year. The next will be even BETTER. There will and always will be lots of buyers, lots of sellers, and lots of opportunities in this challenging and changing market. Keep your head up and stay ahead. It will be a totally different playing field with lots of new players. But the best thing is the trophies are up for grabs! Have a Happy and Safe Holiday. :)

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We have been doing well down here in Naples in 2008 and are expecting a far better year in 2009.

We are seeing plenty of buyers, but one of the challenges is that they need to feel totally comfortable that they are getting a heck of a bargain or they just are not going to buy. I had a gentleman today spending between $500,000 and $700,000 cash who told me that if he didn't steal something, he wasn't going to buy.


Lucky for us we have the tools to show them what these homes used to sell for... and/or how much the seller paid for the homes!

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