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The Beaches 360

Shades at the Loop - Great for Food and Sports

The Beaches 360 posted this 392 Views

Shades has been known as the "place for the entire family." since 1994. It's a great gathering place for sports fans — offering 15 HD big screen TV's and 2 projectors along with all of the premium packages like NHL Center Ice, NFL Sunday Ticket, Gameplan, MLB Extra Innings, Versus, Fox Soccer Channel and more. Kids will love the exciting game room.    Shades has a lunch menu and a dinner menu: Lunch served daily from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Appetizers include...

The 7 Best Real Estate Markets in the Next 5 Years

The Beaches 360 posted this 525 Views

Where can you expect to find growth in the real estate market in the next five years?  Here are the top 7 markets for the next five years as identified by AOL Real Estate.  The Panama City - Lynn Haven -Panama City Beach areas rank #3.  Why not join us?  We have condos and homes priced right with interest rates just starting to creep up.   1. Medford, Ore. Annualized expected growth from third quarter 2012 to third quarter 2017: 9.7 percent 2. Santa Fe, N.M. Expected growth: 9.1 ...

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You When Buying A Condo.

The Beaches 360 posted this 360 Views

Gulf Coast Realtors typically get calls from people that start like this; "We've been looking at condos on the internet area are thinking about buying one. I'd like to check some prices". Most of the calls are from people who have acquired their knowledge of condos from friends or family members who have stayed in a condo or own one. They think ; 1) it is a great investment, 2) we can retire and live at the beach, 3) we have some money in savings and want a beach home for our family, or 4)...

Ecotourism in Florida: The Panhandle's untapped resource

The Beaches 360 posted this 728 Views

A comparatively new industry in Florida, residents are poised to take advantage of the burgeoning industry of nature-based tourism. Florida's abundant state parks and forests notwithstanding, relatively few private businesses have taken advantage of the idea of nature as tourism, and future entrepreneurs have the potential to monetize and exhibit Florida's unique natural attractions. Environmentally speaking, the Florida Panhandle is unique to the state. Many animals and plant spe...

Lobster Festival in Panama City Beach: Sept 13-16

The Beaches 360 posted this 560 Views

For Panama City Beach residents who are looking for a fun way to celebrate the upcoming end of summer, this weekend offers the 23rd annual Lobster Festival & Tournament at Schooners Last Local Beach Club. This great local event includes lots of great lobster dishes, a sand sculpting contest, DJs & live music, raffles, and a lobster diving tournament. Set to take place during Sept 13 - 16, this is reportedly the biggest lobster festival in Florida and involves fun on the beach ...

Chinese Drywall: Is This Almost the End of the Story?

The Beaches 360 posted this 625 Views

Just when you thought that you’d never hear about Chinese drywall ever again, it’s back in the news. After years of legal back and forth over the issue, with great uncertainty whether the foreign companies would be held responsible, a US federal judge has ruled that Taishan Gypsum Co. must face the claims against them over tainted drywall products. During the building boom of the early 2000s, domestically produced drywall because increasingly scarce due to the high demand for the product...

Hurricane Readiness: Better Safe Than Sorry

The Beaches 360 posted this 670 Views

With the passing by Florida this week of Hurricane Isaac, it’s interesting to see how quickly the complaints started cropping up all over the internet about the declaration of a State of Emergency. While most people appreciate that weather can be a fickle thing and that it’s good to be prepared for the worst, some detractors are primarily concerned that a State of Emergency was called for an area that was mostly passed over by the weather system. It’s pretty easy to look ba...

Buying a Gulf Coast Vacation Home

The Beaches 360 posted this 918 Views

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life surrounding us day in and day out, many home owners are looking at taking advantage of current low prices and purchasing vacation homes to add some much needed rest and relaxation to their lives. Vacation homes can fill a variety of needs for home buyers. Some people prefer to have a vacation home for only their own family’s use, while others opt to use their vacation home as an investment property in addition to their own enjoyme...

Time for Hurricane Season: Are You Ready?

The Beaches 360 posted this 766 Views

While hurricane season in the Atlantic doesn’t officially start until June 1st, the first storm of the season has already made an appearance; but rest easy, this season is predicted to be a pretty average one for hurricanes. While it’s good news that Florida isn’t expecting worse than average storms this season, it is good to keep in mind that an “average” season means that residents should expect 4 to 8 hurricanes by November 30th. Hurricane damage on land takes the form of water d...

One More Reason to Buy a Home in Panama City: St Andrews Bay Yacht Club

The Beaches 360 posted this 691 Views

If the gorgeous landscape around Panama City wasn’t quite enough to fully enchant you, there is now one more reason why a home in this fair city might just be the perfect purchase. The St Andrews Bay Yacht Club has recently gone through a transformation that reflects the community’s commitment to restoring much of the historic feeling of St Andrews. The St Andrews Bay Yacht Club was originally set up in the early 1930s and is one of the oldest in the North Gulf Coast region. The...