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Buying Barrie Real Estate First Time Buyers Barrie Real Estate Investors

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April, is off to a great start. The thing I'm seeing in the Barrie real estate market is a lack of inventory. Inventory is down compared to last year and this is making it very challenging for buyers and real estate investors.  Once a new listing is active, shows well and priced accordingly it is gone in a matter of hours. Try explaining that one to first time buyers and real estate investors. Were seeing something that we are not used to in Barrie is properties selling for thousands over li...

Buying Barrie Real Estate Investing In Barrie Real Estate First Time Buyers

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March home sales were up in March for Barrie Ontario real estate.  Sales were up 10% same time period last year, this year 250 re-sale properties were sold.  Depand eased a bit compared to Feb results for sales. What I see now is inventory is lacking, we have the Buyer's just can't find the right inventory. The listings are down 4% same period last year. The average selling price increase 7% from a year ago, the average price is $281,729. For more information on the Barrie real estate ...

Buying Selling Investors Investing In Barrie Real Agent Mark Turcotte

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The lack of inventory and the strong demand for Barrie real estate is driving the prices up. This week alone I have seen several listings selling over list price. The hot range is 200 to 250K listings are selling in days and in some properties sellling in hours. Last week I brought buyers through a new listing that was listed in the morning and we had the deal done by the afternoon. What is driving the demand is first time buyers, low interest rates and real estate investors.  If your cons...

Investing In Barrie Real Estate Investors Investing In Barrie Real Estate

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As my business continues to grow I am connecting with more real estate investors that currently own real estate in Barrie. As an investor myself I have several holdings and can really educate new investors looking to buy Barrie real estate. I did three deals in the last 5 days and two were investors, the Barrie real estate market continues to preform well and offer good ROI for my real estate investors. The current vacancy rates for rentals is sitting at 1.7% very attractive for investors.  ...

Buying Barrie Real Estate, Barrie Homes For Sale Agent Mark Turcotte

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Last week I saw a surge in new listings, this tells me that the spring selling market is near. I have really started to see an increase of investor clients calling me about purchasing investment properties. I myself have several properties in the Barrie area, and are doing very well.  If your considering purchasing an investment properties in Barrie, please contact me as I can help you and assit not only in the selection of real estate, but tenant selections as well and provide strong advi...

Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation Considering Putting A Cap On Insuring Loans Buying Barrie Rea...

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The latest news on tigher mortgage rules coming down the pipe. Today CMHC say they may be setting a limit on insuring mortgages. Currently there they are capped at $600 billion and will need to get the Feds approval if it goes over. The funny thing is markets are doing well and more and more people are obtaining home ownership because of a low rate climate. What I don't understand is defaults are only sitting at 1%.  For more information on buying Barrie real estate and mortgages visit www...

Canadian Real Estate Ma

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The Canadian real estate market has increased a 104% in the last ten years. We all know that cheap money is fueling the market as well. I see another side as well being in the business, a lot of people are moving away from financial markets and investing in real estate.  As long as cheap money is around demand will be there. Buying Barrie real estate www.newbarrierealestatelistings.com Mark Turcotte

The Feds Say Rates Will Stay The Way They Are Now

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The Feds communicated yesterday that rates will remain low till at least 2014. The reason is the economy needs the time  repair,  improve and grow. This is great for the real estate market, I'm even more confident now that the next few years will see even better market conditions. If you need more information on mortgage rates please contact myself. Now may be the time to get approved or trade up for a new property. Visit www.newbarrierealestatelistings.com

Canadian Employment Numbers Are Down Barrie Real Estate

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Yesterday the employement numbers came down, not a lot of full time good paying jobs were created. I think there is more people actively looking for employement opportunities today. This will impact employment numbers that were posted.  A very positive note that more Canadians are looking and actually start self employment opportunites. This is up 2%, I'm sure that we could see more job creation from this.   Mark

Canadian Real Estate Over Valued Government Thinks So

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The government is watching the housing market even closer these days. Carney comment on this last week and will intervene if needed. The worries are some markets are overvalued, in the last few years mortgage lending criteria has changed so much. The days of 35/40 year amortizations are gone a few years back, changed the rules for self employed people making it more difficult for people to qualify. I see more and more investorsmoving away from financial markets and getting into real estate...