Quick Things To Do In January Around Your Home That Can Help Sell Your Home Barrie Real Estate


January is typically a quite month for everyone. So I'm thinking of selling my property sometime next year. I know what the Buyer's want and know they are willing to pay for a product that is presented well. So last week the first thing was painting. I always recommend neutral color tones, so I picked some really nice grey tones. Makes the room look larger and much warmer. Kitchen and livingroom are completed, with new light fixtures, bar stools, changed all door handles in the home. All in all I may have $1500.00 into my January project so far, of course I will want to purchase new appliances stainless is the way to go. Buyer's love them!!!!! and tend to over look other things in the home. I think by March I will have completed my mini projects around the home and may have $8000 into the home in upgrades. It's does'nt mean you need to spend millions on getting your home looking good and appeal to Buyer's.

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Mark Turcotte



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