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Wayne Long

Commercial Real Estate is booming in Columbus Ga and Fort Benning

Wayne Long posted this 1,619 Views

The downturn in the economy has affected Commercial Real Estate as businesses tighten their belts and lay off workers the demand for space drops.   Columbus Georgia is an exception to that rule mostly because of the expansion on Fort Benning.    As the base has expanded to the tune of 3.1 Billion Dollars over the last 3 years so has the demand for Commercial space with businesses that partner or serve the base expanded in our area.   Also businesses have sprung up who will service the troops...

Columbus Ga Short Sales & Distressed Properties

Wayne Long posted this 1,731 Views

Preventing Foreclosure through Short Sales Our team has committed to stopping foreclosures by helping sellers through the difficult process of a short sale.   Toward this end one of our team members Richie Eubanks has earned the CDPE designation.    This gives us access to all the forms and proper paperwork to complete a short sale.  As well as a plan to complete! Roadmap to completing the Short Sale 1) Evaluating the clients situation and time frame. 2) Gathering all the paperwo...

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit is still available!

Wayne Long posted this 2 3,890 Views

Armed Forces personnel recently deployed have another year to cash in on the $8000 tax credit!! If you are military and have been recently deployed you may still be able to take advantage of the First Time Home Buyer Tax credit.  When the tax credit was extended to April 30th 2010 a military extension was included for armed forces personnel who have been deployed more than 90 days.    The "military extension" is also available for move up buyers who have owned ...

Auburn Real Estate Market

Wayne Long posted this 3 1,697 Views

We have recently started representing a local Auburn Home Builder in the Auburn Real Estate Market.  As we have developed our research we realized that there is virtually no new construction under $200,000 with room for a family to grow.   We feel like this is perfect for our product as we will be able to provide new construction between 2000 sq. ft and 2500 sq ft. for under 200K.  We will still provide amenities like granite contertops, wood, and tile.   These craftsman style homes offer a ...

Foreclosures in Columbus Ga Hit the Wealthy

Wayne Long posted this 2,775 Views

Foreclosures have been all over the news as everyone knows.   It seems that the difference in this recession is that it is taking down the wealthy as well as the poor.   A case in point was reported by the Ledger-Enquirer on Wednesday as they reported that Bill Heard Jr's home is scheduled for sale on the Courthouse steps on January 6th.   Columbus GA based Bill Heard Enterprises was  the largest Chevrolet dealer in the US at one time with 14 dealerships across the country.    The luxu...

Journey of an Online Realtor

Wayne Long posted this 8 2,113 Views

Online Realtors go through the same steps as a Rule. 1st ) We realize we need to be online 2nd) We hire a website company to build our site - we are excited about the new launch of our basic template site (we want to be online but we don't want to spend too much money).  3rd) We start reading and working on our site and add new features to enhance our site.  4th) We realize that our site will not do all we want it to - much less rank on Google.  5th) We get a much better websi...

Should I invest in Real Estate? Isn't the Real Estate market terrible?

Wayne Long posted this 7 2,202 Views

The short answer to these questions is yes you should be investing in Real Estate exactly because the market is in a slump.  Buy low and sell high is the mantra of a great investor.  Now is the time to buy low in the Real Estate market.  It also is the time to buy low and then hold until prices recover.   We think that if you invest in Real Estate now you will have tremendous payoffs in the not too distant future.   So in a nutshell here is my strategy for Real Estate investment now.  ...

I think my REALTOR may be Collaborating with the Opposing REALTOR!

Wayne Long posted this 3 2,624 Views

Collaboration between opposing Realtors may seem like a bad thing but it really is not.   My job as a professional REALTOR is to protect your interests and help you make the best decision possible when buying or selling your home.   What made me think about this is that our broker sends out a survey to all the other REALTORS we work with and asks about the job we preformed from their perspective.  Here are the questions our broker asks with this response key  VS...

Columbus GA has the Oldest Active Realtor in the U.S!

Wayne Long posted this 4 3,613 Views

At our annual Board of Realtors awards meeting I learned that Billy Brescia is the oldest active Realtor in the U.S.  according to NAR records.     He is truly an amazing man as he is very active in Real Estate and our Board of Realtors right now.  Let me give you some facts.  1) Billy is 91 years old 2) He was licensed in 1947 (61 years ago) 3) GAR Director for Life 4) Past Golden Rule award winner 5) Extemely Active in GARPAC 6) Active Board member on the local and State...

It is My First Home - How do I start?

Wayne Long posted this 2 2,184 Views

Where do we start? 1) Do I just start riding around looking for signs? 2) Is my credit good enough to get a loan? 3) What if something is wrong with the home I pick?  4) Do I have to pay a Realtor to find me a home?  5) All of these are good questions and we will try to answer some here and hopefully alleviate any fears you may have!  Contact a Realtor!  You knew I was going to say that because I am a Realtor.   :)  There are good reas...